Monday, April 9, 2012

Ortho oncologist

The gynecological oncologist reviewed my scans and file over the weekend. He has referred me to an ortho oncologist, Dr. Terrance Peabody.  The reason he stated is that the mass appears to be more related to muscle tissue, not reproductive organs. My appointment is scheduled for 8:30am on Wednesday.

I did ask what makes them think it might be cancer and the notes from the radiologist were:

-The borders are ill-defined
-It presents with avid-enhancement

I've tried googling that last statement but have so far been unable to really get a good definition on what that means and the nurse I spoke with wasn't real sure what it meant either. So, I'll add it to my list of questions to ask Dr. Peabody...

The other questions are:

1. Are there any other causes for my symptoms?
2. What kinds of tests do I need?
3. What are the treatments? Side effects? How will it affect my sexuality?
4. Is this the best course of action?
5. Can you think of any alternatives?
6. Has it spread?
7. What stage is it?
8. Prognosis?

If any of you have any suggestions for other questions to ask please feel free to let me know by tomorrow!


Emily said...

i'm so sorry you're having to travel this road-- your questions are excellent-- praying...

Lynn K said...

I think "avid enhancement" refers to the MRI images.

Perhaps also think of things you may have noticed. Of course, there's no way to know if you're more tired this year (compared to last) as your many posts have noted the lack of sleep associated with having two two-year olds!

As always, sending my best thoughts your way.

Reg said...

my best thoughts for your meeting. Your questions sound complet.
hope you have lots of more answers for you tomorrow.
all the best

Jodie said...

I am in no way an expert, and I've not worked in 4 yrs at least....BUT....as one who has worked in radiology as an ultrasound tech...and also a radiology transcriptionist for 12 years typing the gibberish the radiologists spit out...lol.... this is what I know: The ill-defined borders are simply that....borders that aren't prominent and don't make a distinct border whether it be round, oblong, etc. Jagged edges and/or ill-defined is an indication of cancer....whether it be benign or malignant. Now....the avid-enhancement is indeed related to how the Radiologist is seeing things on the MRI in terms of how the mass showed up with the contrast. Make sense? The contrast makes things that are "abnormal" enhance so that you can tell the normal from the abnormal even better. When something is calcified like they're describing this mass to be...he/she is merely expressing that the enhancement is great.

Lisa, I have a few radiologist friends still....and people I'm close to that work in radiology. If you have any questions that you would like me to ask in the meantime please, don't hesitate to tell me. I just don't want to take that kind of liberty by asking anything without your permission.

Praying for you and here anytime you need me....day or night, friend!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

Brenda said...

Lisa, continued prayers for you and your family as you get this all figured out...Breathe, keep busy and keep that doctor in the room until you feel he has answered all your questions....you are a super strong person and that will help get you through this....hang in there. Your girls are amazing just like their mom!

Elizabeth said...

Trying again! Hi Lisa,
I have no medical experience like Jody, and have had similiar things about the borders. The avid enhancment is why they used the dye. Maybe I didn't say that before, I was trying to reassure about the dye not being bad, just unpleasant. Dye, wheter CT or MRI, seems to give them a much clearer and better image. I think it is the radioactivity in the dye and something to do with glucose in the mass. Jody might be able to explain this. The only other question I can think for you to ask is whether they feel the need for you to have a PET scan. Up here I think they tend to use it after treatment.
Take care, love and hugs,

gratis total said...

Everything its gonna be ok, be patient.

Kjernalds in Sweden said...


I am praying for you and for your family as you go down this road to find out and treat whatever it is.

Praying from Sweden,


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