Friday, April 20, 2012

Things that have made me happy today

Me to Kate as she is climbing up on the chair: Are you climbing like a mad girl?

Kate: No, I'm a happy girl.

Looking at pictures of my girls from yesterday:

Kate enjoying some hot chocolate:
 Lucy, Kate and Lina having fun with stickers.
Kate announcing that she needed to rest before climbing up the stairs to go home. Lucy promptly following her lead. Their dandelion collection grows ever larger...
Watching Kate try to put her pants on this morning.

Getting dressed from Lisa on Vimeo.

Listening to Lucy wail in the background was not quite as enjoyable.

Music time in their bedroom and learning the word, glower.

Playing some tunes from Lisa on Vimeo.


Jodie said...

The funny part about Kate putting on her pants is that I look the same way at times! LOL ;)

Stephanie said...

Ah, busy life with toddler girls...looks eerily familiar!! :) Lots of cuteness there!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the lovely videos. Kate and her pants made me chuckle and laugh! Man, she tried really hard and is one determined little girl. No wonder you are exhausted! The bedrom video is tiring to watch! Your would have no problem finding a job as a negoitator after what you do all day! The way you teach and encourage them to get along is WONDERFUL! Lucy has learned so much and is really coming along in her communication!


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