Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Big, fluffy tutus. Really, there's not much cuter than girls in tutus.
Sara and I enrolled our girls in ballet at the YMCA for a short session. Wiggleworms is ending next week and I was looking for an alternative class to enroll them in. Soccer was full (but we solved that problem by roping our husbands into forming our own league) and I couldn't find a gymnastics class that would allow me to enroll 2 toddlers with only one parent present for the class.

The first class was a bit of a disaster but I have high hopes that subsequent classes will be better. The normal classroom was having some construction work done so they moved the class to a raquetball court. Just imagine 10 toddler girls in a concrete enclosed room...the noise was so palpable that my head hurt after the 45 minutes were over. I think the sound was part of the problem with Kate and Lucy too. But the bigger deal was that I didn't realize that the class was a drop-off class...no parents allowed.

Panic contorted Lucy's face which then set Kate off and before I knew it I had two wailing toddlers strapped to my legs. The teachers said I could stay so I tried to sit away from the action. It started out ok...here they are being handed their stars to sit on. Lina and Kate are having a good time it looks like.
Still good but Kate's face is starting to crumple (she's on the far end) and Lucy is worriedly keeping her eyes on me (third in from right)
So I ended up moving closer, eventually sitting up against the wall on my own little star. But, I got some better pictures from my new vantage point. Here is Kate walking on tippy toes from one star to the next.
I finally convinced Lucy to give it a try. She was amenable only when I told her that they were giving out stickers for completing the tiptoe walk across the room.
 She made one loop and then made a beeline for Sara hoping maybe she would let her leave
Whatever Sara said seemed to make her feel better so she came back. Luckily it was time for twirling with ribbons.

Sitting back at the wall for the next set of lessons. Love the delicate way my ladies are squatting in very un-ballerina-like positions.
This one is blurry but I love the intense concentration that Kate has on her face as she is listening to the instructions from the teacher. She makes this face anytime she is learning something new.
 Still focused, right toe pointed, ready to go.
Class was over and they each got a ballerina coloring page to take home.
Kate was already asking tonight if we could go to ballet class again tomorrow.


Elizabeth said...

They are very cute! Kate must have enjoyed it if she's asking to go back. Hopefully you'll be back in the normal classroom.

PinkDevora said...

I think this is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.

Jodie said...

LOVE IT!!!! :)

ashley said...

I love this post! Those pictures are priceless! Your little ballerinas are too cute. This gives me hope.....I desperately want to enroll Lily in a tap and ballet class this fall. It is parent drop off too, and so far I've had no luck of that happening. Hopefully, I can convince her it's a great idea. :)


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