Friday, April 27, 2012

Yes it is but only sorta kinda cancer

Turns out that I have a lazy-ass, under-achieving but pushy cancer. I have a fibromatosis tumor very deep in my pelvis that is surgically very difficult to remove and has a very high rate of recurrence. It is a very low-grade tumor of the non-highly malignant variety and is not metastatic. What makes it a cancer though is that it is not completely benign because it will recur if removed & will continue to grow if left in. So what to do?

Here's what's next on my agenda:

1. My case is *hopefully* going to be presented at their monthly sarcoma meeting this Tuesday. I say hopefully because they already closed the window for case files but Jennifer, my lovely nurse, said she was trying very hard to add it in. The pathologist who examined my cells as well as many other oncology professionals will review my case & make recommendations for treatment.

2. They have scheduled me for a colonoscopy on Tuesday morning to be sure there is no infiltration. The MRI was a little too sketchy about the relationship my tumor may or may not be having with my colon.

So, all-in-all, good news prevails.

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Lynn K said...

Glad you received some news before the weekend. And not too bad news. Of the multitude of possibilities, this doesn't seem too bad.

Hope you can have a peaceful weekend (with two toddlers!!!) before everyone figures out how to deal with treatment.

Bless you for your strength. You are truly amazing.

Jodie said...

Ditto what Lynn said, Lisa! You are truly amazing!!! Continuing to hold you high in my heart and prayers, friend! :) Love and hugs!! xoxoxo

ashley said...

Really, that sounds like pretty good news, if one has to receive cancer news. Similar in ways to my own story, and I have been cancer free for 22 years. I hope you get into the study and I know you'll get excellent treatment. Good job, mama!!

Anonymous said...

It has to be a relief to hear something, and all in all it's not bad news. Sounds like you have time to consider the treatment options--when the docs come up with some.

We're rooting for you,

Daphne and family

Brenda said...

Lisa, I have never met you but followed you blog for a little while. I am so impressed with your positive attitude and strength! Enjoy the weekend!

Brenda said...

Lisa, while I have never met you I wanted to tell you I am so impressed with the strength and positive attitude you have had through this ordeal! Glad you got some news before the weekend and that it is not the worst news it could have been... I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. Enjoy your weekend!

Samantha said...

Thank you for making my weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Lisa, so glad to hear the news. You stayed so positive and it has paid off. I am certain you will get into the study. I think Jennifer, the nurse, will see to it. Have a wonderful weekend with Len and the girls. Keep updating us. Take care, Elizabeth

Reg said...

Me too I just can confirm you amaze me with your positive attitude. Wish you all the best and hope you can find an accurate treatment.
Good luck for the colonoscopie, I had one monday.
I am happy for you the news are not too bad.
send you lots of energy

PinkDevora said...

Glad the news is pretty good. Good luck on your next steps.

Susan said...

Ok, so not totally nothing, but not totally critical. News one can work with. I may have told you that Carolyn's glioblastoma is now being treated with an IV-drip every-other-week to cut-off its supply of blood, to starve it and prevent its growth. Maybe your Team will come up with something like that.
Colonoscopy... no smiley face next to that one on a daily "To Do" list.

Keep up posted.


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