Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another one bites the dust

Sigh. Another sitter down. You might remember that just recently we lost a sitter but were lucky enough that I had been interviewing and Marissa could start immediately. Things went along well for a short time and then, well, things fell apart. First there was this...
Yes, that is our huge sisal rug with every color of playdoh that we own smashed into it. This is what is left after trying to pick it out. Since Monday.

So I got home on Monday and we're chatting about how the morning had gone and suddenly I look in the living room and see the rug. She said, "Oh yeah. Sorry about that. We were doing art on the table and some of it spilled on the rug. We got up some of it."

So there was a discussion about art, 2 year olds, rug, PLAY DOH, and why the hell did it not occur to you to either A. leave the table where it was on the wood floor or B. move it into the kitchen?

So yesterday I was gone again for another cancer consult from 9am-1:30pm. I come home to find Kate's diaper so full that she has soaked through her pants and onto the sofa. I asked Marissa why Kate was so wet. "I was putting Lucy down for a nap and didn't get to Kate yet." In my head I'm thinking, This wet diaper has been going on longer than it takes to put Lucy down.

So, she leaves. Lucy wakes up after only about 25 minutes of napping. I go in to find her windows wide open, no sound machine on (which were in the instructions I left for how to put Lucy down), and she is soaked through her pants and onto the sheets of her bed. A diaper change also reveals a poop. Never, in the 7+ months that we've had Lucy, has she ever pooped in her sleep nor has she soaked a diaper enough to wet her pants. This means that she wasn't changed before naptime either.

So I called Marissa today and asked her how many diaper changes she had done for them and she said, "Oh, I guess I just didn't think about checking them."  Seriously? They had been to the park and had not only had water there but had also had drinks with their lunch. So I told her that diaper changing a non-potty trained 2 year old is Babysitting 101 and she would need to find other work.

So now you're probably thinking that she's just young, a college student or even a high school sitter, right? NO. She was born in 1969. She's only 3 years younger than I am.

Finding childcare sucks. Finding responsible, nurturing, capable childcare seems impossible.

Nana to the rescue. She arrives soon and will be here for 3 weeks to cover all of my oncology appointments and Lucy's speech therapy. And to help me interview sitters...again.


Heather H. said...

Oh my good grief! Seriously? I mean, I'm not well-practiced in diapers. Pingping was potty trained when she joined our family. But I know when kids wear diapers, you have to check them, and change them. Yikes.

Good luck, Lisa. I don't know what else to say.


mommy of 2 said...

Holy crap! Thank goodness for Nana! Geesh. Praying you catch a break soon. You deserve it.

Reg said...

Oh... I think you have enough other staff. This is more then to astonish. You are right when I wrote I was thinking about a young student and no she is my age. Yikes.
Hope you find a better sitter
and all the best for your medical appointments Reg

Jodie said...

I have to admit that childcare was my absolute BIGGEST frustration when Jonathon was little. So much so...I'm afraid I wished his first years clean away simply 'cause I couldn't wait to be able to take him to school and not have to worry with childcare anymore. Let's face it....NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE does it better than mama or grandma. The end of story. So it is a huge pain to not only have to raise your own babies....but to TRAIN a grown person as well. :/

Hope things work out for you soon, friend. Glad your mom is coming to the rescue. :)

Elizabeth said...

I don't believe it! She is only a year younger than me! Hello, common sense and nothing else says to at least change the diaper before putting them down for a nap. Wish I were there to help. I'd love to meet you and the girls.


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