Monday, May 7, 2012

Bane of my existence

Childcare. Finding good, RELIABLE, childcare.

Because the Universe has not thrown enough at me, I received a text Friday night at 7:30pm from our sitter, Jessica, that she had interviewed for a job that morning and that it starts Monday. As in today. In a TEXT MESSAGE. This was after she had been at our house on Friday from 2-5:30pm. So. No notice. Just up and gone. After telling the girls she would see them next week.

What frustrates me the most is that the one thing I emphasized upon hiring her was that we did not want to be left high and dry since we had a similar situation right before we traveled to China. And now with Lucy, I really didn't want people coming into her life only to vanish without saying a proper goodbye since she has experienced more than her fair share of that in her young life.

The only silver lining in all of this is that I knew she was looking for a job in her field (her college plans for the fall fell through) so I started interviewing in April. Then she had given me notice that mid to end of May would be her last week as she had accepted an offer to work at a summer camp (but then that apparently fell through...). So, with that in mind we hired Marisa. Thank goodness she was able to start this week to cover a few appointments.
In other news, my next MRI is scheduled for June 5. I meet with the oncologists on June 6 for the results. I think I'm in the denial stage because I don't feel anything (other than my usual exhaustion that is). How can I possibly have cancer, even if it is with a lowercase c, if I don't feel any differently than I did before my diagnosis? I alternate between a frenzy of activity researching the best places for 2nd and 3rd opinions to playing endless rounds of Sudoku or angry birds so my mind will turn off at night.

But the absolute best time waster is Simon's Cat. OMG. LOVE. IT.


Aleks said...

Gah! Why does this keep happening to you? I might be taking on a freelance project soon, and your childcare woes have me worried about how I'll manage with Luke. Luckily I have family semi-nearby and freelance writing and editing can be done in the wee hours of the night. I'm glad you had someone that could cover for you. (Plus maybe this happened for a reason as you really need you and your family to be surrounded by positive energy right now.)

Heather H. said...

I'm very sorry to hear this, Lisa. I know it's not easy to say certain things face to face, but it IS the right and polite thing to do. Glad you have someone lined up already! Much better than last time.

Heather H.

Elizabeth said...

Hey Lisa, I use Angry Birds to procrastinate a number of things, used to be hooked on Suduko and have had the odd Simon's Cat video come my way. The snow one is very cute. Sorry to hear about Jessica and hope things work out for you with Marissa. Keep thinking those positive thoughts.

Smitha Mathew said...

This has been my experience with child-help too!! So now I do not make that person special at all. In fact I remind my little one that babysitters come and go, and so do friends, but Mommy and Daddy will always stay.

I made the mistake of making the first person very special and she disappeared one day. I explain to her that that person has to go back to their Mommy and Daddy. The older the child gest they understand that part of life.


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