Thursday, May 31, 2012

Growing like weeds

I finally had some time to weed out some clothes and shoes from the girls' closet and was surprised to find that they are growing out of a lot. I don't know why it surprises me as I can certainly feel the changes in their weights and heights when I hoist them up every day. They are both solidly in-between sizes right now. 2T clothing is starting to be a bit tight and 3T is still just a tad loose. Although I haven't had their feet measured in a while they fit solidly in size 6 shoes but size 7 is probably only a month or so away.

They are growing emotionally as well. Today, for the first time, I was able to leave the room while the girls took ballet. I stayed in the hallway where they couldn't see me but I could peek through the window every now and then to be sure all was well. And it was! When I came in with all the other mamas at the end of class, both girls were beaming and energetic. I actually think they did better without me in there.

The playground is another area where budding independence is making its appearance. They used to stick fairly close together but now that they are familiar with the few playlots that we frequent, they shoot off in opposite directions most of the time. Lucy generally makes a beeline for something high
or spinny-fast
or precarious
while Kate likes to find some secret place to hide
or hang out on a curb and people-watch.
Sometimes, though, I get lucky and they want to play on the same thing...
for 25 seconds...
And then we're off and running again.

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