Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Heart Letter, Month 29

Dear Lucy,

You are 29 months old today.
No. No. No. No. All Done.

I cannot tell you how many times during the day you utter those words. Countless. Innumerable. Endless. Incalculable. Infinite. Scads. Umpteen. Wad. Legion. (Let me introduce you to synonyms...and repetition for emphasis.)

Along with this contrariness has come endless testing of boundaries followed by the cheesiest flirty grin.
Yeah. It's not working the way you want it to kid. I love the smile. Not so much with the orneriness.

By contrast, you also say Thank You almost 99% of the time. And for the first time, when I said, "I love you Lucy," you said, "I yaa uuu Mama".  OMG. Break my heart will you?!
You are starting to request books by name now. Your current favorites are all Dr. Seuss!

Hop on Pop
There's a Wocket in my Pocket
The Foot Book

I believe what you are responding to the most are the funny sounds and rhymes as you will repeat them back while laughing and bouncing up and down.

We went to the zoo earlier this month and I must say you were enthralled.
And quite well-behaved. You lasted an entire morning and half an afternoon, missing your nap, and still had no meltdown! I do believe that it is mostly because you just love GOING...anywhere. All I have to do is hint that we might be going out at some point during the day and there you are...shoes, hat, coat, socks, lovey...ready to go.
And I can't say that I blame you. Living almost two years in an orphanage, leaving only to go to hospital for surgeries, would make me a bit restless to see what I'd been missing too.

Like picking dandelions.
Or watching construction workers.
 Or playing with stickers at Lina's house.
Or trying out ballet. You have been to two classes now and seem to enjoy it, although I think something athletic and outside is going to be more your speed. You only perked up when it was free form dancing-with-ribbons time.
The actual walking en pointe with arms overhead was not greeted with the same enthusiasm.
We celebrated your first Easter and I think you were a fan, if the smile on your face while eating a Peep is any indication.
You enjoyed every minute from coloring the eggs
to finding the eggs that the Easter Bunny had hidden in our front yard
to the dim sum Easter brunch.
When you are awake you are 100% ON. You go full tilt, enjoying whatever we are doing to the hilt whether it's playing with Ms. Pat
 or eating a cupcake with Ms. Jessica
Your latest adventure is to copy the "big" kids who are jumping out of the swings. Three times in a row you launched yourself forward out of the big kid swing, landing face first underneath it. Three times you tried to give me a heart attack. 

And when you crash, you crash hard.
You fall asleep within minutes of laying down every. single. day. for your nap and again at bedtime.

That is your gift to me every day and for that, I thank you. My darling, daring, brave little girl.



Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! She has come so far in what six or seven months! A true testament to all your loving. You are so lucky to have Lucy in your family and she blessed to have all of you. She looks like one content, happy and satisfied little girl, gaining confidence in everything all the time.

mommy of 2 said...

I have fallen in love with Lucy. Just sayin'.


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