Friday, May 18, 2012

Whirlwind week

I have absolutely no idea where this week went. I've been more exhausted than usual leading to very early bedtimes for both Len and me. I think the stress of this past month has finally caught up with both of us. Things are coming together though. My files were all sent to MD Anderson in Houston and I've now received a medical record number which gives me access to their website. They have requested my pathology slides. I should hear back from them next week about an appointment time. I've requested the week of June 18th as most of my consult appointments are over by then and the girls have no ballet or doctor appointments either. In addition, my mom is coming for 3 weeks so she would be here to help Len with the girls while I'm gone. I would be gone 5-7 days...I've only been away from Kate once in her life and I've never been away from Lucy. I am more than a little worried about this but part of me is excited about spending 5-7 days sleeping, reading, LOUNGING. Yes, yes, I'm there for a cancer consult but I'm choosing to focus on the "vacation" part of it. Otherwise, what have I got? A cancer consult, alone, with no husband to snuggle and no giggly girls to cuddle. I prefer the vacation scenario.

In the meantime, life goes on with two 2 year olds in the form of...

Planting flowers on the back deck and sweeping up the dirt
 Playing kangaroo
Green smoothies and tea biscuits
Fun with stickers
 Which has apparently inspired Yia Yia and Pappou to have their own sticker fun
The girls thought this was a hoot!

Today we had Lucy's checkup with the ENT.
Turns out that both of her ear tubes are still there but her right ear tube is working its way out which is normal. They generally fall out as the ear drum grows. He picked out an enormous amount of wax which was not very popular with Lucy but she recovered quickly and was ready for lunch...my treat to her after our appointment.
Can I just say that taking one kid ANYWHERE is a breeze compared to having both of them by myself. I never fully appreciated it when I only had Kate but OMG, the difference is startling.

This weekend is the Kids and Kite Festival which we attended last year and will enjoy again this year. Sunday Len is taking the girls for soccer with the other dads in our playgroup...I'm hoping to catch a yoga class and some quiet reading time. Looking forward to not having any medical phone calls for at least two days!

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Gayle Weiswasser said...

welcome to the world of twins! all i can say is, when they are older, it's actually much easier having two. :)


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