Saturday, May 12, 2012

Love Letter, Month 28

Dear Kate,
You are 28 months old today.
Your language just continues to astound pretty much everyone who hears you. You are completely intelligible to most people and you have the funniest things to say. Sometimes when I'm trying to maneuver our car backwards into our garage, I end up having to pull back out to be sure I have room on both sides of the car in order to get both you and Lucy out of the backseat. When this happens you inevitably say, "Are you having a hard time Mama?” 

You are starting to make up your own stories. Here is the first story you told me:

Kate: Once upon a time there was a little birdie.
Me: And what did the birdie say?
Kate: He went "cheep cheep!" and then he flew away.
When you aren't making up your own stories you are reading your books all by yourself. Yes I know you aren't actually reading but you have managed to memorize a good portion of most of your books. Just the other day you were sitting in your room reading Dr. Seuss Is that a wocket in your pocket? You "read" every page and I cracked up when you got to the end of the book and said, "THE END!"

You like having your books arranged in the bookcase so that you can find them easily. This means that you will fix all of the books that are in upside down or backwards, muttering all the while about how they are "not in here right!"

You love playing with words. You will change the words to songs which absolutely sends Lucy over the edge because you aren't singing it the way she knows it. This, naturally, only spurs you to smile slyly as you continue to change the words in a louder sing-song voice. Your favorite song to change is...

Five little ducks went out one day, over the hills and far away. Mother duck called, "Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack!" etc...

You will change the ducks to frogs or pigs and the calls to Ribbet Ribbet or Oink Oink with Lucy all the while yelling, NO NO NO NO!!!

Somewhere along the line you started making a game out of pretend sleeping when I come to get you out of the carseat. You will turn your head to the side and act like you are sleeping. When I ask if you are sleeping you will smile, keeping your eyes closed, and say, "Yes!" So then I will whisper to Lucy that we need to be really quiet and I start to unbuckle you very gently and you start to giggle but you still don't open your eyes. The only drawback to this is that your entire body is limp so getting you out of the carseat is where the fun for me ends. Your have an amazing ability to go completely boneless and yet seem to weigh three times your size.

Your physical abilities took a leap forward this month. You are now a very proud jumper! You show everyone you meet how you can hop with both feet off the ground. Seriously, everyone. You are also able to climb up the ladder at the park just like Lucy. One of the best things about being your mama is watching your face when you realize that you have learned something new. You positively beam with happiness and I have to try hard not to cry with joy watching you. I hope that you hold on to that feeling of joy and pride in your accomplishments as you grow up.
You have some pretty funny mannerisms. You start off most every question with "and", as in, "And we can go in your bed ok?", "And I can have another piece of toast?" You also love to feel textures against your lips, nose and the area between the two. Most of the time you are rubbing the tag from night-night kitty there but you pretty much try out anything with texture.

Like brush bristles...
or ribbons from ballet class.
Speaking of ballet, we started that in place of Wiggleworms for a few weeks. Your last class with Ms. Julie was fun and you got to play pirate and say, "GRRR!" a lot.
You seem to enjoy ballet now that we've been a few times. Your first day was a bit traumatic for you especially since Lucy and Lina were at the other end of the lineup.
 But you rallied and loved walking on your tippy toes from one star to the next.
 You are completely focused when the teacher is giving you instructions.
Your daddy told me he thought you were "strangely observant" as he recounted this story from a few weeks ago:

We stopped at George's twice to change diapers. The changing table in the big bathroom in back squeaked every time I put Kate on it. The first time, she said, "Why is it making a funny noise?" The second time, "It's making a funny noise." This next weekend, when I took her to the bathroom at Lady Gregory's and put her on the changing table there, she said, "Will this one make a funny noise?" 

I will add to that  by pointing out that your memory is quite good. This week while we were at the Y after ballet, I put you on the changing table there and you said, "Is it going to make a noise Mama?"

You really are turning into a lovely little person. You are calling Lucy, "Luce", and even though you torment her by changing the words to songs, you also make sure that she has a lovey or baby to carry every morning. It is the sweetest thing to watch you pick out the baby that she prefers and then present it to her. Last week as we were sitting at the small table having lunch you looked at me and said, "I like having a sister." 
And I like having two daughters who have brought more joy into my life than I thought possible. I love you Kate.



mommy of 2 said...

oh so sweet...

Kerri said...

Philtrum - that groove between your nose and upper lip. You're welcome. :) Miss you!!

Lynn K said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Elizabeth said...

Lisa, another beautiful heart touching letter for Kate to cherish when she is older. You write so well, but then I remember you were a high school English teacehr! What a precious little girl you have in Kate! I love how you capture so many things.
My positive thoughts to you all,


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