Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day weekend

We were supposed to spend Memorial Day at our friends' house, Jackie and Meg (their son is Leander), but alas, their twin boys made an early appearance on Thursday. You can hop on over to Jackie's blog if you are interested in reading her birth story...all I can say is ouch! And I can't wait to get my hands on those 2 delicious little bundles for some serious baby snuggles.

Back to our weekend. I surprised the girls with a fabulous Craig's list find...The Learning Tower, which normally retails for $200 but I got for $50! They love it and now help me make smoothies every day as well as small things like washing fruits and veggies.

What's cool is that you can lower the platform as they get taller so it's useable for several years. We will eventually add the art easel.

Friday we headed over to Kelly and M's house for a day of water fun.
 Kelly grilled some sliders for lunch...Kate was waiting with eager anticipation!
 Fun on the trampoline
We ended the afternoon with a little bashing on a princess castle pinata. Nobody was successful in bashing it open which turned out to be just as well since it was filled with candy and I wanted them to nap on the drive home from the 'burbs on the Friday before a 3 day weekend...
Ms. Julie, their Wiggleworms teacher, had a fundraising concert this weekend for her trip to Africa to work with children for 2 weeks. The girls have not seen her for a while and were thrilled to sing and, eventually, get up and dance to her music. When she was done they both ran up to give her a hug. We miss her.
Notice that they are holding hands? They tend to do this when they are in a new, unfamiliar place. Very cute.

Monday we decided to pack up the bike trailer with a picnic and head to the lakefront. We were joined by a few of the families from our Thursday playgroup. Sara, Gustav and Lina arrived right after we did so while Sara and I lounged on blankets under the trees, the guys took the kids to play in the sand.
It was hot enough that Lake Michigan felt refreshing. Our thermometer registered 102 degrees at one point!  None of us prepared enough to bring suits for our bathing beauties though so in they went fully clothed!
After we got them hosed down and sand-free, we let them run around in diapers while their clothes dried on the bikes.

 Kate loved dipping her falafel in the tzatziki sauce.
 Len made the mistake of getting up and lost his seat to Lina and Kate!
Gustav found a comfy spot.

It was a gorgeous day and we were the last to leave around 2:30pm. The girls conked out on the ride home as you saw in yesterday's post.

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