Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Squeaky Clean!

So says the doctor who performed my colonoscopy!
Isn't my colon pretty and clean!? (This picture is for you Spiff--not able to do a video so this is all you get.) Notice that the "quality of the bowel preparation was good". I'll say. They are not kidding around with the 2 liters of vile liquid they make you drink. As everyone told me, the preparation was the worst part.

So glad it's over. No problems were found. So now I'll call the oncologist tomorrow to see if my case was able to get into the review session. Then I need to meet back with the doctor to discuss his recommendations.


Blessedbabs said...

YAY! That is great news, and I'm happy for you that at least that part is behind you. Will keep praying for you and your family, and checking in to see your updates!

Elizabeth said...

What good news! In the process you are going through, eliminating things is good. Hope you got into the review session. Keep up posted, Elizabeth

Reg said...

Glad for you there is everything normal in the colon.
I really don't like the preparation but if theres is no problem after, then I forgot it very fast.
All the best for your medical way in the next days.

mommy of 2 said...

I know this is all a very serious matter and I'm all about giving up the prayers for your wellness & etc...but I have to say...

First, I "get" to read about your v-jay-jay. Now I get to see pictures of your colon. WOW!! Modern technology - amazing! :)


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