Friday, May 4, 2012

Yesterday by the numbers

Number of times Lucy said, "No": at least 500.

Number of times Lucy said, "All done": 250.

Number of crying, whining meltdowns Kate had from being over-tired: 4 if you combine the whining with the screaming tantrums, 13 if you count the number of hours she was awake.

Number of times Kate fell down from being over-tired: 15.

Number of knee scrapes Kate had by the end of the day: 4.

Number of bandaids used on said knee scrapes: 7.

Number of bandaids used on Lucy's pristine knees: 7.

Number of text messages I had with Jackie to distract me from thinking the pillow would be a great way to muffle the screaming tantrums: 45.

Number of times the weight of my medical diagnosis came crashing down on me: at least once every hour.

Number of times I looked at the clock & willed it to be 5pm: 360.

Percentage that today has been better than yesterday: 100.


mommy of 2 said...

Yep. :) A day in the life...

Smitha Mathew said...

It is always mystery to me why kids fight taking a nap!! No logic, or explanation seem to work with them.

Mine has so much energy she should be in school or some class all day!! But she needs Mommy time equally or more. Hence in O's case hyper physical activity. Lord she is strong!! I am sure I was never close to strong as her.

Praying for your strength and a miracle (why not, other seems to claim it)

Lynn K said...

Oh my!

Heather H. said...

Yeah, that sounds like "one of those days." Sorry you had one of them, glad the next day was better.

Still sending lots of positive energy your way.



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