Monday, June 11, 2012

First salon haircuts!

It was Lucy's first haircut with us and Kate's first haircut at a salon. Both of them did very well!
Kate went first and enjoyed flying her airplane as she got a cut and blow dry...
We decided to do bangs with Kate as she's not real fond of clips or bows every day.
 Sitting on Nana's lap while Lucy gets her hair cut.
 Lucy chose the pink old-time convertible to ride in as she got her haircut.
We got the back scraggly layers evened out and opted out of bangs since she has a huge cowlick in front.
She was a little unsure of the blowdryer but soldiered on without much more than the pained expression you see here.
Here's Lucy's finished haircut!


Jodie said...


Janine said...

Aww.. how cute she looks. The little girl must be very excited to have her first hair cut. When she grows up maybe Hair Extensions are a fun and fabulous way to add some color to your hair without long-term commitment or causing damage to your gorgeous locks.


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