Friday, June 1, 2012

Heart Letter, Month 30

Dear Lucy,

You are 30 months old today. 
Your language is starting to take a turn for the better this month. Here are some new words and phrases that are making regular rounds in our house now:

My Turn!
I Need It!
My Mama!

Notice anything? Like perhaps the grabby tenor of the words? It’s all about possession this month. The last proclamation was uttered yesterday when your friend Lina snuggled up to me on the couch. You came barreling over, all spit and fire, pointed accusingly at the interloper and proclaimed, My Mama! 

Warmed my heart, yes it did!

We have worked on the simple word, Bunny, for what seems like forever and this week you finally got it! You’ve gone from saying Baba to Buh…NEE!
Singing has entered your life and I must say, you sing with gusto. What you lack in actual understandable words you make up for with deafening vigor. Your repertoire includes the ABC song, Here we go ‘round the mulberry bush and Baa Baa Black Sheep.

You are still all action when you are awake. If there is something to be climbed, splashed in, jumped on or off of, spun around on, or catapulted over, you are game for it.
You don't tolerate stillness when there is fun to be had.
And yet, every now and then, I catch you in a calm moment and I wonder, "What is she thinking about?"
I wonder if you remember where you lived just 8 short months ago. I wonder if you miss your friends or a special auntie from the orphanage. I am sad that by the time you are able to fully express yourself you probably won't remember enough of your life in China to verbalize it. But I do see glimpses of your losses every day, whether it is when you wake up crying in the middle of the night or in these random moments of contemplation when you are obviously "somewhere else". 

We had some fun excursions this month, all of which you delighted in. We had a really beautiful day for the Kids and Kites Festival.
You were enthralled at the Shedd Aquarium whether it was looking at all the cool fish
 or checking out how Mr. Gustav's head felt
 or touching the shells
 or, of course, sliding down the penguin shoot.
I still have yet to find anything that you won't eat but you have made it clear that you have favorite foods like grapes and noodles.
Other favorites include strawberries, squash, almond butter and jelly sandwiches, eggs in a hole, and kefir.

You have matured a lot in the past month. Just this week I was able to leave you in the ballet classroom with the teacher and students (and Kate of course!) and you had a grand time. I was gone for 45 minutes and your attention didn't waver in class. You are more confident with your friends in playgroup, initiating games or sharing toys and snacks.

It's quite lovely to see you blossom as spring turns to summer, blooming right along with all the summer flowers.


gratis total said...

She is a lovely girl and I hope you will came to visit us in Madrid and repeat the photo with my son Alex!!! of course your family is invited to our house!

Jodie said...

She's so pretty, Lisa! The thing that warmed my heart was when she said, "My mama!" Not one thing compares to the feeling of being loved by your child. Nope....not one thing. :)


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