Thursday, June 14, 2012

Her first graduation

Lucy said her first 5 word sentence last week:

I want more toast please.

What was more exciting than that was that I actually understood her! Granted, it was in context (I was standing there with extra toast) but still. She is trying so much harder to communicate--talking away, gesturing wildly until she finally just grabs my hand and leads me to what she wants. More and more often, I am able to figure out what she is saying before we take the field trip to the object in question.

Yesterday Lucy had her final speech therapy session...she graduated!
Annie did an evaluation and she tested well. She is still unintelligible a good bit of the time but there is definite improvement. Annie said we could discontinue the therapy because she gets a good deal of it directly from me and then Kate yammers at her for the rest of the time. We will go back in October for her one-year-home evaluation just to be sure that what I am doing with her is helping her progress on track.

As a reward for graduating I took Lucy to a new playlot in Lincoln Park. Nana had Kate at home so I was able to spend a good amount of one-on-one time with her which she thoroughly enjoyed...when she wasn't hugging the camel.


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Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

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How wonderful!!!


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