Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Love Letter, Month 29

Dear Kate,

You are 29 months old today. 

We've had an adventure-filled month! The weather has finally decided to take an extended turn for the better so we've been outside enjoying it as often as we can.
You and Lucy love to make up new games to play. In this one, you both dip your hair into the pool and watch it drip onto the pavement before wiping your faces off on Nana...which is why she has a large towel on her lap!
Speaking of Nana, she is visiting us for most of June and you are loving every minute of it. You have time every day where you and Nana sit on the couch and read together.
We went to your second Kids and Kites Festival in Lincoln Park where you had a lot of fun dragging Lina's kite around.
We also made another trip to the aquarium but this time you enjoyed it so much more. You marveled at turtles and dolphins and jellyfish and crabs.
I'm not sure if the enormous sea crab stirred something in you but you have now developed a pretty good fear of bugs. A "helicopter" seed flew into your side of the stroller this weekend and it sounded like you were being murdered. You were so upset you could barely get the words out to me that a bug had flown around in your face. No amount of physical evidence, i.e. the seed, could convince you otherwise.

You are enjoying more physical feats now and love showing them off even more. You will hop hop hop!! to anyone who comes to visit us. You are even hopping off of curbs and on trampolines
when you aren't resting...

As usual, you make me laugh every single day and I love that about you. Here are some of your latest witticisms:

Me (to you and Lucy): You both look very pretty.
Kate: Yes we do.

Kate: I need to poop.
Nana: Do you want to use your potty?
Kate: No, there’s not enough time.

Daddy could hear you in your room shoving your drawer closed and grunting Uh Uh Uh! Alas, it just wouldn't close. You finally turned on your heel and said, “I don’t have time for this.” 

Wow. Guess I need to really watch what I say around you.

You language is extending to learning the days of the week, the months of the year, counting objects up to 7, learning to spell your name and asking WHY? ad nauseum. OMG. Stop. It. Already with the Whys! Your daddy seems to have figured out how to stop you in your tracks:

Daddy: I'm going to put some medicine on your boo-boo.
Kate: Why?
Daddy: The medicine helps it heal.
Kate: Why?
Daddy: The medicine prevents dirt from getting into the boo-boo and helps it to heal.
Kate: Why?
Daddy: Because it gives your boo-boo a chance to heal.
Kate: Why?
Daddy: Because every time you're injured, your body creates anti-bodies that travel through the bloodstream to the site of the boo-boo. Those anti-bodies help prevent infection and help the blood coagulate which helps your boo-boo get better.
Kate: crickets....

Score one for daddy.
You memory constantly astounds us. You can find virtually any toy in the house even if it wasn't put back where it belonged the night before. You squirrel away your toys in various locations and can lead me straight to them when I ask you where they are. You memorized the entire Mother Goose book after only a few nights of listening to me read it to you. You remembered that I promised you could watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse if you would lay down and rest for an hour while Nana, Lucy and I took naps. You ended up falling asleep yourself only to wake 2 hours later. The first words out of your mouth when I opened the door to get you were: 

And now I can watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?

You got your first official salon haircut yesterday. You picked the airplane to ride in and then sat there quite calmly as you received bangs.
 You especially liked having your hair blown out.
I don't know why I am always amazed at how my life has changed since you were born. You are growing up into this little PERSON with thoughts and ideas and opinions (and the vocabulary to express them repeatedly). You delight in helping me with small tasks like throwing things into the recycle bin or putting fruit in the cup for smoothies.
You are obsessed with having things on your face and will draw on it every chance you get.
Which is why you were over the moon when I suggested we get a flower painted on your face at the recent Andersonville Midsommarfest.
And why we went back the next day for another one.
You are my little love sponge. Thank you for reminding me every day why I wanted to be not just any mama, but your mama.

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