Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heart Letter, Month 31

Dear Lucy,

You are 31 months old today.
This was the month of your first full sentence...

I want more toast please.

You went from that sentence to lots of other sentences joined together, spoken earnestly and often. You will grab my face and look deep into my eyes while letting out a string of syllables that I so wish I understood. Your eyes implore me to JUST GET IT ALREADY! while your mouth makes all kinds of new movements trying to make yourself understood.  The cutest thing is that the left side of your mouth will keep twitching and moving as you are thinking of how to say what you want.

By and large, though, your words are starting to be more understandable every day. You have learned quite a few colors and will ask for a specific colored straw at lunch. You are also starting to understand quantities now...

Mama to Lucy: Do you want the doggy or the bunny?
Lucy: Both.

You continue to insist on a fair amount of independence so I hear a lot of, "No, I do it!" all day. The first time you finally relented and said, "Help me", Kate thought you said, "Hit me" (and frankly, so did I). Fortunately for you, Kate checked in with me before taking a swing at you and we figured out what you meant.
 Your Nana spent most of June with us which made you quite happy. The extra attention was greeted with joy every day and you asked for her every morning when you woke up.

I had to travel to Houston this month and it was the first time I had left you since you came home. You did quite well with Nana and Daddy in charge but it was nice to have you wrap yourself around me like a monkey when I came home. I missed you too.
We had a few other "firsts" this month. Your first haircut with our family:
 Your first bubble bath
 Your first street festival complete with face painting
You had a big "last" as well; your last official speech therapy session!
You are growing by leaps and bounds, enjoying every minute of your days whether it is splashing all the water out of the pool
dressing up
 playing with your friends
or getting a snuggle from Daddy.


PinkDevora said...

Lucy, you are getting so big and accomplishing so much! I love seeing what my little PD, who is just a few months younger, will probably be doing soon. I love that last picture of you and your Daddy!

mommy of 2 said...

Smiles :)


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