Friday, July 13, 2012

A Hot Mess

I had my follow-up appointment today with the medical oncologist, Dr. Agulnick, at Northwestern. He was surprised that I had not met with a medical oncologist at MD Anderson when I went there last month. Frankly, I don't know why it didn't occur to me to meet with one either. I guess after hearing that the medicine has a low efficacy rate I just marched towards the next solution. I then met with the surgical oncologist, Dr. Bilimoria, sans appointment as he had a few minutes between appointments to sit down with me in the lounge and talk about my options. Both strongly recommended that I speak with the medical oncologist at MDA prior to getting radiation. He also wanted me to speak with the radiation oncologist here at NW to talk about why radiation was not recommended at their tumor board meeting.

Sooooo. Yeah. I now have an appointment with the radiation guy, Dr. John Hayes, here for August 1. And I have a request in at MDA to speak with the medical guy there, Dr. Robert Benjamin. This will likely involve a quick flight back down to Houston as phone consults are not billable. Love love love the medical industry--it will cost me a plane flight and a copay, the insurance company will pay the rest all instead of saving everyone money by letting the docs do a phone consult for a fee.

My groovy vacation vibe is ebbing away. Perhaps I'll look back over some pics to share with you while the girls nap. Yes, I did say nap. Both girls are napping right this minute!!

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