Saturday, July 14, 2012

I miss vacation Part 1

Our FL trip was wonderful. The girls traveled beautifully (until the very last day so I don't begrudge them that) and had a blast. We got to visit with a lot of wonderful old friends and relax at the beach or pool most every day.

Kelly's daughter, Karlie, brought a bag full of her old toys from home so the girls would have things to play with. She came over right as we were arriving on the first day and kept the girls occupied the entire time it took to unload and unpack our suitcases, set up the pack-n-plays and stock the kitchen with groceries. I told Kelly she needed to keep an eye on Karlie as I was trying to find a way to pack her into our luggage and bring her home with us!
 I never quite got a full head-count on how many of our friends and family were there but here's a smattering of them for posterity.

Our nephew Stefan enjoying the girls' favorite, green mac n cheese (spinach sauteed in garlic is the magic ingredient)

So did his brother Joey.
Cousins Anders and Taylor hamming for the camera.
Anders' sister, Lexie, enjoying a ride on the back of the jetski
This will probably be Taylor's last year with us as he heads off to college football camp next year!

Lexie, Greg, Anders and Tessa
John and Patty
 Kelly and her daughter Kellen.
Julie and her children Jessalyn and Joe.
The girls warmed up to Tony on the very first day.
Cousins Jesslyn and Kellen made chocolate-covered strawberries for 4th of July feasting.
An adult night out! Butch, Len, me, John, Patty, Kelly, Tony and Lucy.
And Lucy's and Butch's daughter, Hannah, who wanted nothing to do with us, thankyouverymuchyouareembarrassingme.
Especially since we were in a bad spot for flies. This was the 3rd or 4th fly Patty whacked before we were moved to the interior of the restaurant.
We didn't care...we were out...on a date...without children!

Otherwise, most of our days consisted of the beach, the pool or the inter-coastal waterway right across the street. It's not a bad way to spend a week.


The giant marks on Lucy's left cheek? Yeah. She was running straight for the beach and discovered too late that there were 7-8 wooden steps to traverse before hitting the sand. Instead, her face hit the steps. Ouchie.

Oh, and the purple headband covers up her silicone ear plugs that she needed wear if she was in the ocean (since she has ear tubes).

 Len and his sister Kathy take the girls to a sandbar.
Shrimp cocktail!
So that concludes the week at the beach. The rest of our vacation is to be continued...

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