Monday, July 16, 2012

I miss vacation Part 2

After a 30 minute walk on the beach sit in a tidal pool on the beach and another 30 minute dip in the pool, we checked out of our condo and hit the road for Meme and Papa's. Lucy fell asleep pretty quickly but Kate held on until we were almost to their house, an almost 2 1/2 hour drive because of traffic.

The rest of the trip was great though. We spent a lot of time over at Sherry and Dale's house so the girls could play with their cousins, Lainey and Drake....and their toys, pool and swings.


We visited with BJ, a woman who Len considers his second mom. Her grand-daughter, Autumn, visited with us as well and gave the girls some baby dolls to love on.
We took the kids to the mall to bungee jump and ride various quarter-eating machines before having some lunch.
The best part, though, was spending some quality time with Meme and Papa!
So another FL vacation came to a close. The girls took a few nights to get used to being home (which meant sleeping through the night took a few days to get sorted out) but we are settling back into our routine. I've not scheduled us for any summer activities other than our once weekly play group in order to focus on potty training for the next couple of months. They seem to be able to tell me when they need to poop but we're still having a lot of "liquid" mistakes necessitating pull-ups. I'd really like to get them out of those pretty quickly, only relying on diapers for overnight and napping. For now, I seem to be the only one who is actually trained---trained to keep reminding them to go.

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