Friday, July 13, 2012

The lost kitty

When we got home, Kate tore through all of the bags looking for "special Hello Kitty from Meme & Papa". I lost count of how many little figurines came in the HK book kit but suffice to say, there were plenty to play with. But no, it was the RED ONE that was missing. I sent a quick text to Meme (who had no idea what she was supposed to be looking for) and said it looks just like this
only red.

Can you believe Papa found it behind the couch?? They texted a picture of the lost kitty and when Kate saw it she shouted, "There she is!"
How in the world Kate remembered this ONE RED KITTY is beyond me but there it is. It should arrive in the mail in a few days. Thanks Meme and Papa!


Elizabeth said...

It is amazing what kids remember when it comes to things like this! As a teacher, if only they could remember their basic facts the same way things would be great!!!!! From the title of the post, I was concerned the girls had found a lost kitten on one of your walks and that it had found a delightful new home!
Have a good weekend,

Lisa said...

Thank goodness it's only a plastic kitty...I don't need to be responsible for yet another life!!


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