Thursday, July 12, 2012

Love Letter, Month 30

Dear Kate,
You are 30 months old today and boy, what a month you have had! You took your 13th plane flight this month and as per usual, you did not sleep even though you were tired. You did, however, act quite lovely for the majority of the trip (thanks mostly to the iPad and snacks) and were excited to land in FL. 
Upon landing, you immediately asked if we were at the beach yet. Oh honey, how I felt for you as we still had to retrieve our luggage, get our rental van, install two carseats, load everything else up and then drive a couple of hours.

Before we get to vacation and all that you learned on that trip, let’s cover the other part of your month which mostly involved Nana being here with us while first Daddy went on a work trip and then I went on a trip to Houston....my first time ever leaving you for more than one night. 
You handled both beautifully but did make it clear that you were not thrilled with me leaving you for that long. But your friends filled in the gaps and came over every day to play with you, Lucy and Nana.
You have a lot of funny things to say lately. I’ve spent many a moment scrambling for something to write on so I won’t forget exactly how you phrased something. Nana was fabulous at this too and kept a log while I was out of town. Here are some of the better ones culled from the bits and scraps of paper I managed to keep all month.

I can tell which phrases I utter a little too often as I hear them repeated by you. 

Lucy wanted something you were holding so you offered her something else. When she refused you replied, “You can have this one or nothing – it’s your choice.”

At the park you spent a fair amount of time explaining to Lucy how to buckle herself in to a ride-on toy and when you finished the explanation you summed up by saying, “Just do your best.”

When you want me to come play you will summon me with, “Come on Little Mama.” Every now and then you will call us Mom and Dad, which frankly is a little too grown up for me yet. The best, though, was the time when you kept saying "all done Mama", and when I didn't respond you switched to "all done LISA!"

During pool time you had your hands in your crotch, so Nana asked if you needed to pee. You replied, much to Nana’s dismay and amusement, “No, I’m just playing with my ‘gina.”

You reprimanded Nana for taking food and coffee into the living room, telling her she could only eat or drink in the kitchen.

On vacation with Meme and Papa I was trying to distract you from an impending meltdown at supper by talking to you about a lighthouse in a painting nearby. You quietly let me finish my sentence before flashing me a bored expression and uttering (in a horrible foreshadowing of what I'm sure I will face in your teenage years), “Let’s talk about something else.”

As I hinted at earlier, you learned a bunch of new things while on vacation this month. This was your third trip to the beach condo in FL and by far, the most enjoyable one you’ve had. You plunged right into the thick of things, galloping around and jumping for anyone who would look. Yes, I said galloping. That is your new mode of perambulation and you love showing off your new skill.

You had your first corn on the cob.
Your first visit to Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum in St. Augustine.
Your first ride in a purple jeep with your cousin Lainey.
Your first attempt at peddling a tricycle.
Your first use of a water soaker and I must say, your aim was pretty darn accurate.
I have really been amazed at your ability to mimic the sounds that you hear. You picked right up on all the Southern drawls you heard from our friends and started singing your songs with a definite twang. 

Twankle twankle leitel staaaaar, hi I wander whut yuuuu arrrre

Sometimes, for variety, you will sing while pinching your nose just to get an extra nasal twang to the song.
You truly enjoyed your time at both the beach and in the pool. You are quite the little fishy and took to floating on your back and jumping into pool with gusto. 
The beach and sand did not phase you at all this year like it did last year. You doffed your water shoes after the first morning and never looked back.
The bonus through all of this is that you did it all without swim diapers for most of the trip. I don’t know what happened with you and your sister but you both seemed to have decided that you were done with diapers. I didn’t change one poopy diaper on the entire trip! The only time this became a problem was enroute from the beach to Papa's and Meme's house. You announced you needed to poop---on I-95, nowhere near an exit. 
By golly, you pooped right there on the side of the road, no problem! When we got home we ditched diapers completely and you seem quite happy with your new-found freedom.

By the way, see the one pink shoe and one red shoe in that picture above? You and Lucy could not agree who would get which color so you pulled a Solomon and split the pair between you.

On the not-so-nice side of new abilities, you have learned to throw quite a temper tantrum. It is a pretty colossal experience only rivaled by the unbelievably tiresome low-grade whining you have picked up. I think that is the one sound that can kill every last shred of patience, understanding and empathy. I am hoping this is just a phase and that ignoring it will make it go away.

I will end this letter on a high note…literally.

Bungee jumping. Yep. You did it! And you amazed everyone in the mall watching you. People kept asking me how old you were because they couldn’t believe how confident and happy you were, marching right up to the scale (you made the weight limit by 7 lbs!) before getting strapped in and bounced up high.

I love that I am always amazed and impressed by you. You are quite the character, my little Katie-bug.


ashley said...

Kate is a hoot! That photo of her on I95 is hysterical. I just love reading about her personality. Her expressive language is so impressive :) Looks like you had a great vacation. You deserved it!

Elizabeth said...

I love your letters Lisa. They are fabulous and so capture your girls' personalities and development. They are something the girls will cherish when they are older. I love Kate's comments, especially the "it's your choice" one. I find even in the classroom there is sometimes the odd child that will pick up on things like that. The bungee jumping amazes me and I have to say we have a picture of my sister on a potty at much the same age somewhere in Portugal! Congratulations to the girls on their leaving diapers behind. Hurray for you! It will make life easier and a bit cheaper! So glad you were able to get away and enjoy some family time. You deserve it after the year you have had! Your girls are looking a lot older than two and a half, more like three and a half!
Take care,


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