Monday, July 30, 2012


I returned last night from a blissful three day weekend in AZ with three other mamas of toddlers. And what a weekend it was. The scene of our bliss was the Montelucia Resort and Spa where the spa is rated #1 in AZ. Because I'm trying to watch the Olympics while posting here, I will resort (ha..get it? Resort? resort?) to pictures.

We arrived around lunchtime on Friday, hungry and ready for some pool time. (Kathy, me, Christiana and Lisa M.)
After a bit of a rough start (major room screw-up), we finally settled in for lunch (and free drinks courtesy of Brian the manager charged with fixing our problem)
and an afternoon of pool lounging. (We also got comped one of our two rooms for both nights and two bottles of wine!).
 Our view of Camelback Mountain from one of our suites.
The main pool.

We went out for supper in Old Scottsdale but alas, no pictures were taken! I was so exhausted that all I really wanted to do was go to bed. We came back relatively early and that's just what I did and ended up sleeping 10 amazing, uninterrupted hours. We got up and had a light breakfast on our porch before heading to yoga.
After a proper "second" breakfast, we spent the remainder of Saturday in the Joya spa and in the terrace pool.
Before entering the spa, you choose a stone representing an area of your life you would like to focus energy upon and then place it on the pedestal.
The Joya Terrace and pool.
 Lunch poolside.

After our spa treatments, you could retire to the "Whisper Room" for a nap. And oh yes, yes I did. The beds were oh so comfy and with the drapes drawn around it was quite cozy. They provided pillows and very, very soft blankets. It was HEAVEN.
I finally emerged from the spa at 7pm only to find it was...raining. In a place notoriously known for their lack of rain, I found it amusing that I was walking back across the grounds in the rain, nothing on but my pool coverup (my swimsuit was still wet and I was showered and lotioned...not a good combo). The rain was actually a good thing as there were only a few people out who I had the potential to flash with my bare bottom!

We were all pretty tired so we stayed in the room, ate/drank our leftover wine/cheese/crackers, watched a bit of the Olympics and headed for another early bedtime. We repeated our previous morning (yoga, breakfast) and then headed back to the room to shower and pack.
I will definitely be back. It was so restful and very much needed.
A short note about Len and the girls: all fared quite well. Ms. Julie watched the girls all day Friday and then helped Len with supper and the bedtime routine. Len took the girls to the pool on Saturday and to soccer on Sunday. Ms. Julie came over both evenings to again help with supper and bedtime. This has the added feature of getting the girls used to her putting them to bed so Len and I can finally go out for an evening prior to them going to bed--something we have not done since Kate was born.


mama of 5 said...

That place looks and sounds amazing! Good for you!! So glad you got away after all that you have been going through.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah! You got to sleep, relax, have fun with girlfriends and get a break. We know you love your girls dearly but I think with everything you've been going through you needed this.
Take care,


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