Monday, July 23, 2012

Summertime living

I love summer in Chicago. I wonder how many times I've said that...  It's just that the contrast with winter is so enormous that I truly appreciate every single warm day. I never "got" that until I moved away from FL and Louisiana and, to some degree, even DC. The seasons here are so separate that, for the first time, I truly enjoy each one.

So, how do we fill our summer days? We are outside as much as possible. We have been going to the public pool a few times a week. They would not let us wear the swimmies that we had on the girls in FL so I had to buy coast-guard certified swimmies so I could take them by myself to the pool.  Frankly, the cheap swimmies worked as well with our girls but whatever, I can now go to the pool with both of them by myself. I don't have any pics of us in the pool but the girls modeled the new swimmies at home.
We still have playgroup every Thursday. We were supposed to have the group here for pool time but alas, it was pouring rain so we stayed inside instead. Kate and Jacob decided to take a nap in the middle of it all.
We are very much into Hello Kitty sticker tattoos courtesy of Nana.
We spend a lot of time, pretty much every afternoon, in our baby pool.
While Lucy is napping, sometimes Kate and I will chill out in my bed with some books. I'll be very happy when she can read to herself so I can read something of my own...
We are learning to ride the balance bikes Meme and Papa sent. Their inseams are still just a tad too short for them to sit on the seat and still touch the ground with both feet flat so they are learning by standing and walking. It's a work in progress.
And finally, our sitter problem has been solved! Ms. Julie has come to our rescue. She was Kate's and Lucy's Wiggleworm's teacher. I've known her since Kate was 6 months old and we've gotten to know each other outside of class. She is coming over twice a week (she started last week) and the girls are over the moon happy about this turn of events. She even breaks out Len's guitar on occasion much to their delight.

Huge sigh of relief. Summer just got better for all of us.

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Stephanie said...

You are rocking summertime! We are big into Hello Kitty tattoos over here, too!


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