Thursday, August 9, 2012

Botanic Garden

We spent a beautiful, if hot, day at the Chicago Botanic Garden on Tuesday. We started off with a concert of classical Chinese music which Lucy and I quite enjoyed.
Kate was more interested in getting to the butterfly exhibit. The blue butterfly by her left arm was so close to landing on her but she just couldn't hold still!
 Lucy was more skeptical and kept ducking every time a butterfly would fly around her.
Both had a love/hate relationship with the butterflies. They wanted them to land but would duck and shake when one approached.
After lunch we went for a long walk around the park.
 The girls were really having a lot of fun playing together, making up chase and hide-and-seek games.
Time for a potty break. Thank goodness for portable potties and ziploc bags!
 Cooling off in one of the fountains.

 I had managed to keep them relatively dry throughout all our encounters with various fountains but alas, I finally just gave up and let them be kids.

I thought that the fascination with our children in China was just a factor of Kate's blondness contrasted with so many black-haired children. Seems it extends here as well, albeit the couple taking pictures were Chinese...
You can see Lucy trying to get out of his embrace. She was not at all thrilled with their attention and came running worriedly over to me.
 I had brought extra underwear and shorts in case of accidents (there were none--YAY!) so I changed them and left their shirts on the stroller to dry.
 By the time we got to our car, they were exhausted and their shirts were mostly dry. It only took 30 minutes to get home but I drove for another 45 minutes so they could get a good nap in. And they woke up dry (although both girls had to pee as soon as we walked in the door)!


mommy of 2 said...

Love seeing them playing together! Love you let them be "kids" in the fountain...fun memories to be made.

Brenda said...

They look so happy and very sweet together! I love the one of Lucy with her arm on Kate! Lovely sisters for sure!

Elizabeth said...

What a fantastic day you had! The gardens look like a great place to visit. I love the pictures especially the "sister" shots. The last fountain shots are my favourites. So glad you let them be kids. I think these gardens will become one of your favourite summertime places.


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