Thursday, August 23, 2012

Front row seats

Once again we were afforded front row viewing to the Chicago Air and Water Show.  This year, instead of riding the bus all the way from our neighborhood and then walking quite a ways to the actual beach, we drove downtown and took the shuttle that dropped us right at North Ave. Beach. Perfect. It cut our travel time in half.

We found a nice spot out near the photographers and settled down for some lunch provided by Boeing.
 In between playing in the sand, the girls would look up to see what everyone was gawking at.
 The parachuters were popular.
 Lucy says "CHEEEEESE" everytime I point a camera at her.
 Or, for that matter, when anyone points a camera at her.
 Notice the large plane over their oblivious heads? That's the famous Fat Albert.
 There was a lot of sand wrestling during the finale...the Blue Angels are apparently not as much fun as steamrolling your sister.
I had to post this picture of the port-a-johns. I mean, really? These are not your typical outdoor-event johns. They were air-conditioned, had actual flushing toilets and were relatively clean!
The show ended around 3pm but we stayed a bit to visit with some of Len's colleagues before catching the shuttle back to our car. We got home around 5, had dinner and shuttled the girls off to an early bedtime since neither of them had napped. It was a fabulous way to spend a Saturday.

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