Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Heart Letter, Month 32

Dear Lucy,

You are 32 months old today. 
You had a lot of new experiences this month and you seemed to enjoy *most* all of them. We started out the month in FL for almost 2 weeks.

You loved the beach. 
You loved the Intercoastal.
You loved the pool.

You loved trying new food. 
You loved soaking up all the attention from friends and family. 
You loved fishing. 
You loved riding bikes. 
You loved riding in cars with your cousins.
The only thing you didn't love was bungee jumping. 
Nope. You totally did not love that.

You accomplished a huge milestone this month...you are out of diapers during the day! You and Kate just decided while we were on vacation that you were both ready to use the potty. Once we got home, it took a week or two for you to recognize the signs enough in advance to tell me but for the past few days, it has all seemed to click. You even stayed dry after napping in the car for over an hour! Woo hoo! You love your new panties and look forward to picking out which one you will wear each morning.
As you can see, you are still very into accessorizing. You insist on picking out your clothes every day and have definite opinions about which hair accessory you need. In fact, you have definite opinions about pretty much everything. You do not like to be shown how to do anything and instead will say, "No I dye dat!"

Basically, "No, I can do it!"

Yeah, it's super fun to try to show you anything new. You are still quite grabby and really seem to take instruction as a personal affront to your intelligence. Heaven help your future teachers.

You got a new balance bike this month. True to your nature, you insisted on just jumping on and doing it yourself which resulted in calamity but I have to give you points for resilience. You stuck it out and figured out how to stay upright and steer all at the same time.
You language continues to improve, mostly in the number of words you can say. You seemed to have picked up on Kate's penchant for asking "Why?" ALL. DAY. LONG. While I appreciate your inquisitiveness I dare say that question should be banned from anyone under the age of 20. I have found myself saying, "Because I said so", which only serves to cement my transformation into my mother. And yes, I hated it when she would answer me with that statement as well. We all have our crosses to bear.
You alternate between calling me Mama and calling me Mommy. Mamamama still seems to be reserved for ‘give me that’ so I actually like that you have renamed me Mommy.

I went out of town on a long weekend for the first time since you came to our family. You weathered it well but I love that, when I called home to talk to you, you said, "I need my Mommy."
I need you too Lucy-boo.
Mama (Mommy)

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Smitha Mathew said...

So awesome!! You both have done such a fabulous job with Lucy. So much hardwork, isn't it?

With kids the hardwork pays off though big time. The most satisfying job I have held so far.

I remember O screaming saying the same on the first day of preschool. She was about to hit the teacher saying "I NEED MY MOMMY". After their initial experience they know it so much more. What magical words to hears.

Great job Lisa and Len.


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