Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love Letter, Month 31

Dear Kate,

You are 31 months old today. 
You have made many leaps forward this month and I mean that both literally and figuratively. Literally, you are hopping, galloping and skipping nearly everywhere...it is your main means of locomotion these days. You have also banished your fear of jumping off of things. 
Just today you jumped off the platform at the park which is about a foot off the ground. I do believe this new fascination with jumping has come from our daily feast of the Summer Olympics. You have been mesmerized by the gymnastics, the diving, the swimming and track/field. You and Lucy decided to practice hurdling on our ottomans.
Your most meaningful leap forward (at least for me!) is that you are completely daytime potty trained! You have not had a single accident since you decided you were done with diapers. In fact, every night when you are about to go to sleep you ask me if I have put a diaper on you. When I answer yes, you then ask if you can pee in it.

One of the things I love about you most is how many times I find myself laughing at the things you say. In addition to our nightly conversation I mentioned above, here are a few more funny things you've said this month:

Kate, as you were watching me get dressed: You’re wearing a bra?
Me: Yep. And you can too when you’re older.
Kate: And then I can have beer!

Kate: Lucy, get out of my bed! Get out! GET OUT!
Daddy: Kate, please don't yell at your sister. That's not very nice. You need to ask her nicely to leave your bed.
Kate: get out! get out!
Daddy: Just because you whisper doesn't mean it's nice.

Speaking of your bed and Lucy's bed, tonight is your first night sleeping in your own room again! Daddy and I worked all weekend to set everything up so that you and Lucy can now have your own rooms. With this move came the big leap to toddler beds. You were both so wired today with all the moving that we feared bedtime would be a disaster but so far, so good. You both were sound asleep by 7pm. Daddy and I are humbly asking that you both sleep through the night and stay in your beds. Amen and amen.
You do have your moments of absolute sweetness. One of the best was this little exchange:

While I was in the bathroom with Lucy, you came running in and said, “Mama, I knocked over Lucy’s watermelon!” I asked why and it seems you were reaching for Lucy’s leftover milk on the table. You helped me clean it up and then, quite spontaneously and without me saying anything, you went up to Lucy and said, “I’m sorry for knocking over your watermelon Lucy” as you patted her on the arm.

Awww. I mean c'mon!

Your imagination seemed to explode this month. You seem to have the concept of pretending down pat and have also learned to use it to your advantage.

Me: Please sit in my lap for story time.
Kate: Ms Julie lets me sit on the ottoman when we read.
Me: I’m not Ms. Julie.
Kate: But you're pretending to be Ms. Julie.

Speaking of Ms. Julie, guess who your new sitter is?? MS. JULIE!! And yes, that deserved all caps because every day is Christmas when Ms. Julie comes over. It is Just. That. Exciting.
You are trying to play us all against each other though, when it is to your benefit. On more than one occasion, you have told Ms. Julie that "Mama lets us do such-and-such" when I most certainly have not. I thought that didn't start happening until you were older. MUCH older.

You pretend to nap every day. 
Usually after you have not napped during naptime. Some things never change.

You used an imaginary flashlight (the one Ms. Jackie gave to you when we were at her house the week before—have I mentioned how much your memory freaks me out??) to find your way in the “clubhouse” you and Lucy found at the Botanical Garden.
 You kept your hands in this position the entire time you played--it is your flashlight.
You are playing with words a lot this month, from changing the words to favorite songs to rhyming. Some of your favorite rhymes are body parts and names:

heady weady, nosey wosey, tummy wummy, Lucy Goosey.
You have discovered olives and I'm afraid there is no turning back. You are in love. You finished almost half a jar of green olive tapenade today on your avocado and cheese quesadilla. You covered your first pizza with black olives, spinach, more olives, cheese and yes, olives.
We have spent most of this month outside, enjoying the Chicago summer. From riding bikes
to splashing at the park
to enjoying the butterflies and fountains at the Botanical Garden
you make me live in the moment. Watching your face as you play, discover something new or just eat a chocolate cupcake brings me joy.


gene bernice said...

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Jodie said...

It blows my mind how fast time is going by, friend!!! My heart continues to soar each and every time I look at pics, watch little videos...or just simply read about those sweet baby girls. It also thrills my heart to watch how you drink in every single moment of every single day with them. Almost (and I do mean almost) makes me wish I would have had Jonathon later in life. Maybe then I would have enjoyed him even more than I did.

Big hugs to you and the girls!!! :D


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