Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ooops! Did I just say that out-loud on live tv?

I saw this link on another's blog and was so incredulous that I had to re-share. I can't believe this old coot is still on the air, much less with an audience that keeps him in expensive business suits.

"We minister to orphans all over the world, thousands of them, we love orphans, we love helping people..."

Sounds good right? Except for all the incredibly offensive words he uttered before that statement. The way he practically makes "blended family" sound like an epithet, the statement that adopting is basically "taking on somebody else's problems."

I especially loved watching his incredulous co-host biting her tongue (after all, you don't want to bite the hand that feeds you lest you find yourself without a job for disagreeing with the name on the door).

He ends by saying, "Alright, let's get to the next question, I'm in trouble."

Why yes, Mr. Robertson, you are. And if there is a God out there, I hope you are in more trouble than you can possibly imagine.


Elizabeth said...

What a closed minded person! How can he say what he said? Has he stopped to think that this might be a much easier situation than dealing with an "ex" who perhaps tries to put a stop to child support payments because the financial situation has changed. My social worker asked me during my home study what I would do if I met a man after I adopted. My answer was simple, clear and to the point. "He would have to be top-notch daddy material before anything else and my daddy expectations are extremely high thanks to having the world's best dad myself!" "Oh," she replied. I'm not sure what the expected answer was, if there is one. My child would not become second fiddle if that's what they were hinting at. Sorry for the rant, but that video clip!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Kjernalds in Sweden said...

I saw this one too and let's just say there is a God out there and Mr. Robertson said the exact opposite of what God said and wants. I am choosing to believe he went senile many year ago...somebody please take this man off the air!

Hey, on another note, I am praying for you. I hope things are going well behind the scenes...you know the scene that no one ever shares on a blog!



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