Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pizza Party

This weekend we visited with some of our favorite people, Jackie and Meg. They just had two boys a couple of months ago but we've gotten together in the past as their son Leander is the same age as our girls. Both girls gave rapt attention to the changing of Griffin's diaper.
We spent a rainy stormy afternoon at their house making pizza. Here they are starting with the sauce.
 Next was spinach and olives and a sprinkle of seasoning.
 More seasoning. Lucy added tomatoes to hers as well.
 Lots of cheese!
 They stood watch over the oven.
 Lucy was fascinated by the changes to the crust and cheese as it cooked.
 Time to enjoy!
 Leander has skipped to a twin bed so we were the happy recipients of his toddler bed. We are readying the guest room "Nana's room" to be Kate's room. Since I mentioned it to Kate it is all she can talk about. She has chosen where she wants her bed to be placed and which pictures we can leave on the walls (I must confess I did a bit of steering on this point as we only have so much storage for art). We gave our queen size guest bed to a friend. Here's the room ready for its transformation.
I sure hope we are making the right decision. Kate seems excited about it but Lucy does not. It will be the first time in her life that she has slept alone and she is understandably UN-ethusiastic about it.

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