Saturday, August 18, 2012

Speech therapy

You can see why speech therapy is not as successful when you have two children with vastly different speech abilities. Divided mama + divided attention = frustration by everyone.
  Lucy Tomato and ABC from Lisa on Vimeo.

(Oh, and 1, 2 3 Magic works beautifully most of the time with the caveat that we always go to the child when the time is up to briefly talk about how their behavior/choices can be different next time followed by "I love you", hugs and kisses).

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Heather H. said...

Yeah, 1,2,3 Magic is a VERY useful tool. My biggest downfall is I don't always have a consequence identified before I get to 3, and that is NOT how it's supposed to work. (We don't do many time outs since they became very counter-productive to attachment and were certainly NOT improving behavior once she reached about 3.)


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