Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why I love summer

Now that we live in Chicago, I have developed a deep and fervent appreciation for the seasons, especially summer.  My love affair has deep roots, starting in my early school years. School never held my attention very well so I looked forward to summer vacation all year. Long days of  playing, swimming, reading, sleeping and eating...what's not to like right?

My days are much busier now with two little ones. Although we do something every day none of it is very structured. I take a look at what's new and exciting in the city and try to do some of it. Here's a sampling our days...

Millennium Park to see Ms. Julie give a Wiggleworms concert.
Sampling different fruits! This selection was papaya from the store and cantaloupe and blackberries from the farmer's market.
Celebrating Lucy D's 3rd birthday party. Can you believe they needed sweaters in August? The day started off quite cool but warmed up to the 70s by lunchtime.
 Lucy D. blowing out her birthday candle!
 Enjoying cupcakes!
 After the party we had lunch in the neighborhood and caught a show with the puppetbike.
Enjoying the pool and splash park a couple times a week.
We get a lot of veggies and fruits from the weekly farmer's market. The girls help me eat it and prepare supper. Here they are sampling baby bell peppers.
Visiting with friends.

This was the beginning of the end for Lucy...
She leapt off the bed and landed with her forehead on the edge of the door. The picture below does not adequately show the size of her goose-egg. Kate was giving her a shot and M was taking her blood pressure (good thing she wasn't taking mine!) while I put an ice pack on her.
Lucy was better today and we had a little more low key playdate.
The weather seems to be already doing that topsy-turvy changing-of-seasons dance and although the cooler temps are a welcome relief to the heat, most of me is willing summer to last just a month or so longer. It's too early for pumpkins just yet!

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