Saturday, September 1, 2012

Heart Letter, Month 33

Dear Lucy,

You are 33 months old today.
This has been a rather extreme months of highs and lows for the both of us. You are at a very aggravating  annoying challenging age. Even though you are speaking in full sentences (more on that when we get to the highs of this month), your two favorite words are "NO" and "WHY?", often used simultaneously and in a circular argument...

Me: Lucy, please don't jump on the couch.
You: Why?
Me: Because I said so. Because couches are not for jumping on, they are for sitting.
You: No!
Me: Try another answer, that one doesn't work for me.
You: Yeah....Why?
Me: Why what?
You (crouching as if to jump again but not enough to indicate complete disobedience---you are doing a lot of this as well fortheloveofgodpleaseSTOPIT!): Why Mommy? Why? Why?
Me: Lucy, the rule is we don't jump on couches. You fell off before and got a big boo boo, remember?
You: Why?
Me: OMG you are killing me! Can't you just for once do as you are asked???How much longer until your father gets home so I can sit alone and quietly weep into a cold beverage on the back deck? Can you tell me why you aren't supposed to jump on the couch?
You (pondering a bit....I'm getting hopeful that you will parrot back what I have said....!...but instead...): NO! HEE HEE!
I could go on but it's a rather tedious conversation  interchange. As you can tell, my tongue is in pain from all the biting I've had to do on it this month. When you have tired of your two favorite words you fall back on THE LOOK. You have refined a look that is part glower, part smirk, and part flirt. First you tilt your head down so that you will have to roll your eyes to the top of your head in order to glower up at me in a rather disapproving way. Then you jut out your lower lip so far I swear I could serve your dinner on it while the corners of your lips dance up and down in an effort not to laugh.
Depending on my mood I will either ignore THE LOOK or I will hold a contest with you and Kate to see who can jut their bottom lip out the farthest. So far you are both on par with each other (as Kate will find out in her Love Letter next week...).

Let's move on to the highs! You said your first complete sentence last week, totally without me prompting you in any way.

 “I bum my yip doo!”

Even though it was to to redirect attention to you from Kate who actually had bumped her lip, I'm still so very impressed by how far you have come in your speech this month. Since then you have been really working hard to speak in full sentences. You have also learned to say "of" (which used to sound like "aaahhhv") and "tomato" (which you pronounced "apple"). Speaking of tomatoes, they have become one of your favorite snacks these days courtesy of their abundance at the farmer's market.

You are helping out a lot around the house. You always take your dirty clothes and put them in the hamper by the laundry room every night. While I was folding laundry, you would look at a shirt and say whether it was Daddy’s or mine, helping me to sort them. You are very much into helping in the kitchen and our Saturday morning tradition of blueberry pancakes has become much more messy  time consuming fun since you are helping add the ingredients and mix the batter. You even made your very own personal pizza for dinner at Leander's house.
You are singing a lot more and even though most of it is unintelligible, I love that you sing with gusto! Your ABCs usually sound like XYZ! XYZ! D E XYZ! You regularly request songs at nap and bedtime and will sing along loudly with me. You recognize your books and will call them by name as you pick them out for storytime. You have memorized a good many of them and will read along with me in some parts. The funniest, though, is when you ask me the same question at exactly the same point in the story every single time we read it.

From The Magic Sky by Lucy Richards:

Me, reading to you and Kate: Dad took Rory fishing on the ice. Rory waited a long time but he didn't catch any fish.
You and Kate in unison: Why?
Me: For the same reason that I told you the last 700 times we read this book. Because that's what the author wrote. Because the fish weren't biting that day.

Your physical feats just continue to improve and, frankly, astound us.  One day at the park while Daddy was holding Kate so she could reach the monkey bars, you leapt off the platform and grabbed the monkey bars which were a good foot or so away from you and about six feet off the ground. You just laughed and swung your legs in the air, oblivious to the heart attack you nearly caused him.

Your obsession with throwing and catching balls continues unabated. You have quite the killer overhand throw, so much so that we've had to teach you the difference between overhand and underhand so we don't end up with a ball through the television set. You can catch a wide variety of ball sizes which is greatly improving your eye/hand coordination.

We have spent a great deal of time outside this month much to your delight.
Most of our days are spent playing in the pool or in neighboring sprinklers...
...but we did have a few adventures beyond our 'hood.

We went to the pool and the splash park several times each week.
We went to see Ms. Julie give a Wiggleworms concert in Millenium park.
 Speaking of Ms. Julie, she is your new sitter and every day that she arrives is like Christmas in our house.

We went to the zoo where the gorillas captured your attention for a full 10 minutes.
We spent a lovely day at the Botanic Garden.
Daddy got us passes to the Boeing tent for the Chicago Air and Water show where you enjoyed your first snow cone.
Despite the enormous planes flying within a few yards of us, you enjoyed playing on the beach much more.
You are enjoying your friends more and more, calling them by name when you want to play with them. We spent many a day over at Leander's house.
 We got in a trip to the 'burbs to visit with M.
Here you are with Lina and Luke at our weekly playgroup.
A big change this month has been moving Kate into her own room and giving you the room you have both shared. You also are now out of a crib and sleeping in a toddler bed.  Although you were not a big fan of this idea when we would talk about it, you have embraced "your room" now that it is a reality and delight in showing it off to anybody who visits. Yia Yia and Pappou sent you both a hedgehog for your new beds, along with their story, and a personalized mirror for your new room. You will admire yourself in it every day and say "my meer!"
In order to personalize your room further, I printed out a lot more of your baby pictures to frame, some of your photos from our trip in China and a few more recent photos. We have also started reading some of the story of the day you became our daughter from your Heart Letter Book 1. You are especially focused on what you call your "got me" pictures. You ask to look at them many times throughout the day and want me to tell you why you are sad and crying.  I printed some extra photos and added them to the photo album the China nannies made for you and you will sit on the couch and look at those for a long time. You have dubbed this photo album your "GOT ME!" book.
You have also associated the cleft lip from your infant pictures to the tiny scar on your lip. You are aware of the scar since we rub Mederma on it every evening while we talk about why we need to keep your lip loose and moisturized or when we put sunblock on it to protect it. You will ask me if you still have a "clef yip?" and I say no and then tell you when and where it was fixed.

I am happy to say that you have completely renamed me MY Mommy. I love it because I know it means you have finally put me in a different category from everything else in your life. I am your mommy and I love you very much my Lucy-bean.


Lynn K said...

Beautiful. Tears in my eyes beautiful.

Jodie said...

It amazes me how MUCH a child can change and grow in just a month's time. I know you're proud of her, Lisa. She's beautiful....:)


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