Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kate's room

We moved Kate into what had been our guest room. Sadly this meant that my mom spent her week her sleeping on our couch. She will be super happy to sleep in her own bed tonight but we already miss her.

I really hated to give up our guest room but the benefits to our daily life have so far out-weighed that inconvenience. Here's what the room looked like as our guest room.
And here is the remodel into a child's room! We left the paint, curtains, rug, dresser, lamp, hope chest and three framed pieces. The light fixture was replaced with this pretty chandelier.
We added a wall stencil above the toy bins and replaced the pillows on the basket chairs. Kept the nightstand and easel but replaced the picture on the easel with a photo we had taken when Kate was 9 months old. I added dragonflies and a cute box below it that can serve as a nightlight (so far, though, Kate prefers a completely dark room).
We kept the mirror and dresser but added some letters to the mirror to match Lucy's new mirror. We moved Kate's birth announcement to this room and added a few more pictures of her as we did in Lucy's room.
 I love that even on a large wall you can find places to feature more delicate art.
 The girls managed to let me snap pics of the room without them in it but not for long!


Karla said...

Totally cute!

Elizabeth said...

I love both rooms Lisa. You did an awesome job on them! So glad you shared them with us. The girls are very lucky.

Stephanie said...

Super cute room redo!!


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