Friday, September 7, 2012

Labor Day fun

Labor day turned out to be quite beautiful and warm enough for a quick dip in Lake Michigan (at least for the girls--Len and I only made it in to our knees!). We spent the day swimming and picnicking with Sara, Gustav, Lina, and Gustav's parents from Sweden. Here are some of the better shots of the day...
 Kate got a bit of water up her nose--the waves were actually a bit choppy as the morning progressed.
 She went back in for more though--my little body surfer!
 Soon Lucy joined in the action.
 Sara, Gustav and Lina. Sara is due with Lina's brother in November!
 Meanwhile, our little body surfers are headed back out into the waves.
 This was Lucy! She came up laughing thankfully!
 Love this shot of her...
 Next up was to get sand into every possible crevice of their bodies.
After lunch we hit up the local ice cream guy for delicious cold treats. Kate and Nana had mango, Len had lime, Lucy and I had coconut. Yum!
 Lina playing hide and seek.
We headed back down to the water after lunch before heading home. Even with all of that activity, they only napped in the bike trailer for as long as it took to bike home. Sigh.

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