Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Love Letter, Month 32

Dear Kate,

You are 32 months old today and this picture sums up how it's been going.
You have been in a "mood" all month and it's been a constant dance to figure out what will set you off and what will make you happy. You are bone tired from waking up early (your need to poop wakes you every single morning at 6am) and then refusing to nap so that by the end of the day you are a complete wreck. Suppertime has become the time of day I dread the most. It really doesn't matter what I fix or what you have asked for, nothing will do. For the first time tonight, I finally just took you out of the chair (after 1/2 an hour and multiple episodes of refusing to eat/playing with your food/general mayhem) and straight into the bath and into bed before Lucy was even done eating. You were so unbelievably mad and yet you fell asleep before I had finished the third song.

I wish I knew what was wrong (other than a lack of sleep and being 2 1/2) and how to fix it. Unfortunately, you have built up this whole "not sleeping" thing into your identity. As you told Nana while she was here this month, "I don't tend to nap." And here is an exchange you and I had last week:

Kate: I don’t want to stay in my room for a nap.
Mama: I thought you liked your room.
Kate: I certainly don’t anymore.

You verbal skills impress and scare me. In fact, you caught me in a huge no-no and pointed it out to me rather succinctly:

Mama: You need to learn to pull up your own panties and shorts.
Kate: No, I can’t do it, I’m too little.
Mama: Yes you can. See, Lucy pulled up hers.
Kate: I’m not Lucy. You should help me.

Wow. You may be little but your deductive reasoning skills are not. I am glad that you reminded me that comparing my two girls is not the best way to accomplish anything. 

You do seem to be regressing just a bit though. In addition to saying you cannot dress yourself, you are insisting that you cannot feed yourself at times.
You wanted to be swaddled like a baby this week.
I actually had hoped that this might comfort you enough to nap (you look completely exhausted in this photo) but alas, you worked your arms free and you were off and running, forcing yourself to stay awake.

The silver lining is that when you are in a good mood, life is very enjoyable. You have become obsessed with somersaulting and playing catch this month. With all the practicing you have now perfected the somersault and can catch a wide variety of ball sizes.
You are strong enough to pull yourself up onto our bed and you will climb up and ask to "read and cuddle with you" nearly every day. I love that you have such a close bond with Ms. Julie, reading and cuddling with her while Lucy naps.
You and Lucy have gotten closer this month, playing together without as much fighting drama as in the past. 

Maybe it's because you have a room of your own again 
or because Lucy is feeling more confident in her place in our family. Whatever it is, I want more please. Especially when you call her Lucy Goosey and Lucy calls you My Kate.  I mean, there really isn't anything more endearing than that!

 We had a few adventures this month including visiting the zoo...
swimming in Lake Michigan on Labor Day...
playing in sprinklers while out for our late afternoon walk...
 examining inside flowers for bugs
 and being quite happy when none are to be found!
When you aren't whining about food, sleep, or life in general, you love to sample new things, especially when we go to the local farmer's market. After polishing off an ear of raw corn in the market, you both noshed on peaches as we strolled home.
Your favorite foods have expanded to include olive tapenade, tacos and any salad that I am eating for lunch. Your sense of smell has really kicked in for better and for worse. If there is anything remotely smelly in the trash you will tell me about it as you start dry heaving (you are so very dramatic!). But you also will come in the door and notice the smell of my cooking and ask, “Mama, what are you cooking? What do I smell?”

In many ways you are growing up and I think you sense that too and are not real sure you feel ready.  You swing wildly between wanting to do things by yourself and having me do everything, even things you have mastered. 

If it helps, I, too, am ambivalent about you growing up. I am so very proud every time you try something new and yet I do miss those days of carrying your tiny body all wrapped in a sling close to my heart. You may not be physically close to my heart these days but you will always be in it.

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Jodie said...

Gone are those wonderful days when the "Great Boob in the Sky" kept our sweet Kate occupied and happy, eh?! ;) She's growing. TOO FAST! Not sure if I like it either. lol ;)


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