Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lucy's room

The girls' bedrooms are finally finished. Lucy stayed in the original nursery room that they had shared. In order to make it a bit more "her" room, we added a few personal touches. Since Lucy only had one thing with her name on it, I went to Michael's and bought supplies to make her a name board similar to the one that was given to Kate. To my surprise, Len took it upon himself to paint the board and place and glue down the letters and butterflies! Who knew he could be so crafty?!
And now, here's her new room!
This is Lucy's "birth" announcement into our family. She also loves butterflies so I mounted it above her photo to cover up the nail hole when I took Kate's announcement down.
Lucy's new nameplate is right above the closet so she can see it when she's in bed.
I took down Kate's baby photo above the shelf and added three photos of Lucy as well as a baby photo of her on the shelf.
 More photos on the bookshelf--her favorite is the vertical photo on the top shelf--the day we "got her". The bear was given to her by Children's Hospital on the day she got her ear tubes since it was her birthday. Walter the bunny on the bottom shelf was a gift to her in China by Uncle Ry Ry and Uncle Paul.
Lucy's new mirror is at the perfect height for her!
The shelves are mostly bare now as they insisted on having all the stuffed animals taken down so they could cuddle them. All that remains is Madame Butterfly.
The first picture taken of Lucy is framed on the night-table so Lucy can see it more closely. I am so grateful that we have pictures of her as an infant--I know how rare that is. Nana gave her a clock that changes pictures to indicate when it is ok to get up and when it is still nighttime. It is programmed for both nighttime sleep and naptime. So far, it's still not working...child still wakes in the 5am hour every.single.day.
Nana goes back home in the morning (frown). I hope to get pics of Kate's room tomorrow after I get some replacement bulbs for her light fixture.

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