Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One year ago today

This is what we were doing one year ago today.
A year ago we were handed a child who barely made much sound when she cried, would avoid eye contact and was not especially fond of me. It was not love at first sight for either of us.

We have come a long way in one year. She is 7 pounds heavier and 4 1/2" taller. Her cheeks are rosy, her eyes are bright and inquisitive. She can drink from a straw and a cup, blow bubbles, run, jump, climb, catch a ball, speak in full sentences in a non-native language, and name all the people in her life when she sees them in pictures. But most of all she has learned to trust, to love, to feel a bit of security. I'm under no illusion that she is fully secure and attached, the end. Attachment, love, trust and security must continue to be cultivated in order to raise a confident child into adulthood. That goes for Kate just as much as for Lucy for that matter.

Today we celebrated Family Day by appearing in court bright and early for Lucy's re-adoption.

If you will allow a small bit of snarkiness on this special day....I think the whole re-adoption bit is a sham and yet another way for adoptive families to have more cash squeezed from their already drained bank accounts. Lucy was a U.S. citizen from the moment she left China. We ensured that by having both parents travel to get her so she could enter the U.S. on an IR3 visa. She has a certificate of citizenship and a social security number. What she cannot get is a US birth certificate...unless we pay a lawyer a large sum of money and appear before a judge for a 5 minute chat and some photos.

Right. On with Family Day. We arrived at Daley Plaza to meet with our lawyer to sign a few more pieces of paper. We were then summoned down to the sheriff's office so Lucy could receive her summons (her first and last summons we hope!).
We had some time to kill before meeting the judge so we took in the views of the city from the 17th floor. Thanks to Paivi for the cute outfits!
No pictures are allowed in the courtroom but the judge came out into the waiting room for a photo op.
The bailiff handed them lollipops on their way out.
They ran a little steam off in Daley Plaza before Len walked to his office and we headed home for lunch.
We celebrated with dinner out at Lao Szechuan, our absolute favorite Chinatown restaurant that, PRAISE BE!, opened an outpost just a few blocks from our house.
We were very happy that Ms. Julie could join us to help celebrate our first year home as a family of four.
It is way better than I thought it would be. Lucy has made our family complete.


mama of 5 said...

oh boy, do I completely agree with you on this whole re-adoption crap!!!! I have been kicking and screaming about this for awhile now. Glad to know that it is ok that we haven't done this yet.(we have been home now almost 6 months)We are still recovering financially from the "adoption." Happy Family Day!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Lisa,
Why do you have to readopt? I don't think we have to do this in Canada, at least I hope not because I haven't budgeted for it. Congratulations to you all!!!! You have done an amazing job with Lucy this past year and I so remember reading and following your journey this time last year. Best wishes to all of you,

Lisa said...

Elizabeth, it's not "technically" a requirement unless we want her to have a U.S. birth certificate, which we do. Convenient way to jack more money out of adoptive parents in my opinion. Not sure if Canada has the same requirement...I think this is a new thing since the Dept of Homeland Security here was created.


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