Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Tour

We had a fairly low key day around here. We've got some sickness making the rounds. Kate had the sniffles before we left Chicago but it never really turned into anything and she's fine now. Lucy ended up with a fountain of green snot on Day 1 and is still battling it. It doesn't appear to be affecting her in any other way though. Nana, sadly, has been hit the hardest. She got walloped and is fighting it with extra vitamin C and rest.

This morning the girls let us sleep until 6:45 which was heavenly. Len took them swimming in the heated pool while Nana and I laid on chaise lounges and watched the fun. Lunch and then naps for Nana and the girls. Len and I decided to check out Hermann Park and walked a good bit of it, locating the zoo, the playgrounds, the lake, etc. When we got back I was pretty tired so Len drove the girls over to the playground for a few hours while Nana and I napped.

Exciting I know.

We're staying in a pretty nice place. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and a loft. We asked them to provide 2 twin beds in one of the bedrooms and the loft so we could accommodate everyone. Take a look.

This is our view...Houston skyline? Nope. The medical center skyline. Can you say BIG MONEY?
(I just saw a commercial for the MD Anderson Proton Therapy Basketball Tournament....seriously?)

This is the view from our balcony looking into the  living room.
 From living room towards loft stairs, front door and kitchen.
 The girls' room. We rearranged the beds so they would have a wall on one side. So far no one has fallen out of bed. They have all their toys stashed in the nightstands.
 The master bedroom.
Cards of encouragement from my friends back in Chicago!
 The beds in the loft. Nana sleeps here and it will also be where Aunt Wheez and Aunt Kathy sleep when they are visiting.
 A view from the loft downstairs.
 The girls planted some basil and forget-me-nots on our balcony. Hoping they grow!
 Cards from Ms. Julie to Kate and Lucy.
Off to bed. Tomorrow we are going to a new park with Paivi and her son Euan.


Jodie said...

Nice place!! Nice to know you'll be comfortable in your living arrangements. :) Looks like plenty of room for the girls to play and enjoy themselves.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. I hope you will be comfortable. The heated pool sounds like a hit with the girls! Hope Nana is feeling better soon.

Heather H. said...

Thinking of you.


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