Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cancer treatment update

In my last cancer update I was still up-in-the-air on when to go for treatment. Since then I have had a phone consult again with the impartial gyno oncologist (the one not involved in my treatment plan at all, just a trusted doctor who can give me an unbiased opinion about all the other opinions I've received). He, too, agreed that radiation was probably the best course of action and that sooner, rather than later, based on its growth and for my own emotional health, would be his advice.

With that in mind I scheduled my meeting with the radiation team at MD Anderson for October 16. The simulation will be on the 17th and radiation treatments should begin shortly after that. Since then it's been a flurry of booking airline tickets, renting a van and looking for housing. With less than two weeks to go (because waiting to the last minute doesn't stress me out AT ALL) we finally found a 3 bedroom furnished apartment about 1/2 mile from the medical center.

The girls are excited to be on vacation in Houston with a pool and Nana! so that's something. There is also a zoo, children's museum and huge park across the street from our apartment which should keep us occupied.

We spent last weekend boxing up some items to ship ahead of us so we won't have to slog it all through the airport. I am so not looking forward to...well, any of this. We will miss Halloween and Thanksgiving here at home. We're fortunate enough that we've got friends in Houston so we can spend Halloween trick-or-treating with Paivi, Euan and their son and we've been invited to spend Thanksgiving with Melissa's family.

Paivi and Melissa have already been invaluable help, making phone calls and actually going to a few of the sites to be my "eyes" in Houston. It was looking rather bleak with housing actually with one property still under construction and the other, in Melissa's words, "not somewhere I think you will want to live with 2 kids". Our problems were solved yesterday when an apartment opened up in a better location.

In the meantime, I've started taking supplements to offset the effects of radiation treatment, per my Integrative oncologist's recommendations. Of course, the traditional oncologists tend to sneer at anything that doesn't involve the big three (surgery, radiation, chemo), I will take them anyway. Considering the cancer rate has not budged since 1950 (and in fact is growing), the big three doesn't have that great a track record.

But more on that for another post. I'm working on one now based on a few books I've been reading (in my vast amounts of spare time...).


Jodie said...

I can't stand the thought of you having to go through ANY of this. I am, however, extremely thankful for those that are apart of your life that have helped to make this journey a titch easier. (ie: apartment, holiday stuff, etc...) Praying all goes well. I'm so glad you've chosen to do the supplements. I'm so with you on the "big 3". More and more I feel like we've all been the victim of the "almighty dollar" in the long run. Just my opinion, though.... Love you lots, my friend!!!!

gratis total said...

I am praying for you and your nice family; everything will run in a good way

Elizabeth said...

Lisa, you are strong my friend. Like you said before in a post you've dealt with so much. Infertility, adoption and now this. You are an inspiration. I was wondering what was up in this department and figured you'd post when you had news or were ready. I will be praying for you, keeping you in my thoughts and send my best wishes and TLC your way.


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