Saturday, October 6, 2012

Friday Fun!

Ms. Julie planned a day of fun for the girls on Friday. We transferred the car seats to her car and she took the girls to a local pumpkin farm for the day. They had a blast!

Pumpkin donuts and some baby chickens.
Their first time in a bouncy house.
 The first of many rides.
 Lots of animals to feed.
 More rides.
Ms. Julie has just been the best addition to our family. Her day trip not only provided the girls with an adventure, it allowed me to get some work done here in preparation for our trip to Houston in (gulp) one week.


Lynn K said...

Looks like an amazing day for the girls. Best of luck getting ready for the temporary move.
Thinking about you.

Elizabeth said...

I love it Lisa! Not only are you okay leaving your girls with somebody you ACTUALLY let somebody else drive them! I know of many parents who will not let other people drive their children, they insist on being the only one to drive. This kind of fits with your "helicopter" parent post. So glad you have Miss Julie to help you at the moment.


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