Tuesday, October 30, 2012

From my tired brain

Today was x-ray day again. It turns out that every 5-6 days, x-rays are taken before treatment to be sure everything is still lined up correctly. I'm not sure if it's the radiation or just being away from home, but I've been more tired than usual. Today the girls, Nana and I napped for over 2 hours.

This morning I took everyone to the radiation center with me so they could see where I go everyday. The radiation therapists were kind enough to let everyone into the radiation chamber prior to my treatment so they could see the table and machine.  Kate asked if I was getting "adjusted with Dr. Jason". She also said she wanted to get up on the table and take a nap like Mama does every day!

Then we met up with Lucy R. who works at MDA (I talked about her here when I was in Houston for a consult back in June). We had a good time chatting over tea and snacks and she's offered to send us a list of good place to eat and see in Houston.
It feels like Christmas around here as we keep receiving lots of love in the mail. Yesterday brought goodies from Yia Yia and Pappou, Jackie and another blogger friend, Lynn.

(BTW, Amy from the blog-world, the girls have popped all the bubble wrap and are now making good use of the bowling set you sent!)

The girls had their first taste of peeps which were first closely inspected with their magnifying glasses.
They had a great time making pizza with stickers.
 And we added a little Halloween Tinkerbell fun to our walls.
And a big thank you for the new books to Greta, Lynn and Yia Yia and Pappou. It's so nice to read something new!
Their stash of cards is growing and they love to look at them everyday, rearranging them and peeling off the stickers that are affixed to some of them.
Although the weather is cooler it is slowly starting to get a bit warmer during the day so Len and Nana have been able to get them back into the pool. They are both starting to use their legs and arms more when swimming and can move around pretty quickly now. They LOVE to be thrown up high by Daddy! Here's Kate flying through the air...
And Lucy!
That's it for my brain dump tonight. I'm still feeling a bit foggy and am heading to bed early. I meet with Dr. Zagars in the morning before treatment for my weekly checkup. Other than fatigue all is still going well for which I'm thankful.

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