Saturday, October 13, 2012


How do you thank women who have made your life better, easier, happier? Who are invested in your and your family's well-being? Who make the time and effort to meet Every.Single.Week for almost 3 years or who take the reins in arranging mama's nights out, spa retreats and book clubs? Without this group of women I would be lost. They have provided me with countless hours of advice, interesting conversation, and a safe place to vent. My girls know and trust them and call their children friends.

In preparation for our two month trip to Houston, they managed to surprise me with travel gifts. On a recent mama's night out, my book club friends sent me off with gift cards for restaurants and starbucks and wonderful words of support and encouragement.

My Thursday playgroup surprised me with activity books and stickers for the girls, emollients (oh how I love emollients!), gift cards and a book to take my mind off my treatment. But best of all were the photo books they put together for the girls...they all provided pictures (some I had not seen before) of the kids, so Kate and Lucy can look at their friends while we are away. The card they all signed will be going with me as well, their words keeping me grounded to my life here.
So, as inadequate as this feels, THANK YOU...with all my heart.

Sara and Lina
 Aleks and Luke
 Alison and Ava
Betsy and Connor
 Christiana and Caroline
 Christy and Lucy-D.
 Hema, Naia and Sloane
 Jackie and Leander
 Josephine and Ben
 Krisha and Arnav
 Lisa, Parker and Lane

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Elizabeth said...

Oh how fortunate you are in the friendship department. What fantastic support to know those friends are rooting for you and will be there to support and help you when you come home. Best wishes for your time in Houston.


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