Monday, October 22, 2012

Moving Forward

Got the news today that insurance is approved so I will start radiation tomorrow. Most of my treatments will take place at 9:10am M-F with 2 exceptions. Tomorrow I begin at 6:40pm and on Friday I go in at 7:10pm. With this schedule I am targeted to have my last treatment on November 30. We're still working on our exact departure date as we'll need time to pack up and ship some things home and I'm not sure how I'll be feeling in terms of traveling that close to the end of treatment.

In a mish-mash of other news, I finally managed to make it to the fitness room today while Len took the girls to the playground. I managed 35 minutes on the treadmill before absolute boredom set in followed by stretching and situps. It actually felt good to sweat again and work my dormant muscles. Len called about my jury duty summons and they said I need a letter from my doctor to get out of it which meant another call to the nurse here for that. I have my absentee ballot and will send in my vote after tonight's last debate.

Many thanks to Luke from our playgroup for the Halloween card--Kate and Lucy have it on their nightstand and are trying very hard not to peel off all the stickers! Also thank you to Greta for the new book--"How to behave and Why"! We started reading it tonight before bed and they loved looking at all the pictures and asking questions about what was going on.

A few people have asked about my supplement protocol from my Integrative Oncologist. I have a 2 part program. One is designed to overcome some of the deficiencies that showed up in my blood work which I already covered in this post and in this post.  The 2nd part is designed to support my immune system before/during/after radiation treatment.

These include:

Vitamin C crystals divided up throughout the day.
Drinking 2 cups of strong green tea before and after radiation to increase tumor oxygenation and radiation's effectiveness.
Eating lots of cruciferous veggies which have long been shown to protect against cancer but can also offer protection from the side effects of radiation therapy.
Siberian Ginseng which helps assist in radioprotection of healthy cells.
Ginkgo biloba to prevent DNA breaks and also acts as an antioxidant.
L-Glutamine powder to help protect the gastrointestinal tract lining and to help enhance radiation benefits.
Whey protein which can make cancer cells more susceptible to treatment by depleting them of glutathione.
N-Acetyl-Cysteine to reduce free radical damage.
Garlic extract for immune response.
Mushroom supplements for bone-marrow protection.

I'll keep you updated to see if all of these things are working. I've been given the dire list of side effects and a good many of these supplements are designed to lessen their severity. I'm really hoping this is the case because it is a PITA to take all of these every day! The good thing is that I only need to take these from now until 2 weeks following the end of treatment.


mommy of 2 said...

Glow, Lisa, glow!

May your radiation journey kick that tumor's ass. :)

Elizabeth said...

Best of luck to you. On a different note, have your girls seeen the Pete the Cat books? There is Pete the Cat website and you tube videos. I will try to send links later. Pete is a great cat. He doesn't let things bother him and just goes with the flow.

Lisa said...

Kerri, that's too funny!

Elizabeth, haven't heard of Pete but am intrigued!

mommy of 2 said...

Pete the cat is awesome. Completely. :)


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