Thursday, October 25, 2012

So far, so good

As the title suggests, all is well here. My treatments are but a blip in the morning routine. It takes me 10 minutes from the time I walk out the apartment door until I am sitting in the waiting area, ready to be zapped. They have free valet parking so it literally is easy breezy to go in every day.

In other news, it seems that traveling makes the girls learn new things. The last time we traveled to FL in July, both girls potty trained themselves. This time, Kate is waking up dry nearly every night (the watermelon snack after supper was her undoing). They have both learned to turn door knobs and open doors, not a skill I encouraged....until now. With Kate moving towards staying dry at night, she'll need to be able to open her door to use the bathroom when she wakes up. Ugh. They just keep growing up!

Both girls are napping. BOTH. Lucy's naps have lengthened to about 1 1/2- 1 3/4 hours. Kate naps for 2 hours and usually has to be awakened around 4pm so her bedtime will not be affected. It's wondrous! I give all the credit to the pool. Len and Nana have been taking them to the pool in the mornings since it's been rather hot at the playground. Two hours of swimming in the morning, followed by lunch and then naps. Then Len takes them BACK to the pool for a late afternoon swim from about 4:30-6pm. Combine that with the super long walk just to get to the pool and you have 2 very tired toddlers. It. Is. Awesome.

We got another surprise in the mail today from one of my blog/facebook friends who adopted from Nepal. And true to form, they both went straight for the bubble wrap.
Yes, we just got back from the pool...seems we only wear pajamas, underwear and bathing suits in Houston!
Tomorrow I managed to get my treatment moved from 7:10pm to 1:30pm so I can be home for their bedtime routine. I also signed up for a free yoga class at 11:30am so it looks like I'll be at the hospital for a good bit tomorrow. I get the weekends off!

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