Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend #1 (Houston)

We had quite a lovely weekend here in Houston. Friday Len and Nana were not feeling well so I took the girls to a park over near Paivi's house. The girls had a grand time exploring a new park, playing with Paivi's dog Flossie and her son Euan. Paivi made us lunch at her house which made the kids happy...
And Flossie, not so much.
Saturday we walked to the Children's Museum for "practice" trick-or-treating. They had stations set up around the museum with little things like pencils, toys, etc. The girls LOVED dressing up and carrying their bags.
Kate filled her bag up with fake carrots.

Saturday evening we went to Olive Garden for dinner thanks to a gift certificate from some of my Chicago mamas.
Sunday morning I made blueberry pancakes and sausage while Kate got in some cuddle time with Nana.
Len and Nana took them to the nearby playground after breakfast while I worked on the menu and grocery list for this-coming week. We then met up with my LSU design studio friend, Melissa. She recommended a really good Tex-Mex place for lunch.

We've fallen into a small routine where the girls go swimming every afternoon after naps. With all the added activity both girls have been napping somewhat regularly for almost 2 hours at a pop which is just divine. Since I am not allowed to swim (grrrrr) Len takes them to the heated lap pool for a couple of hours before supper. The larger pool is just too cold at this point which is a shame as it's much larger and has ledges that the girls could play on.

The upshot of all this swimming is that even with long afternoon naps, they both still happily climb into bed and go right to sleep for the whole night. Their bedtime has been moved from 7pm to 8pm for a few reasons. There are no blackout shades in their room so we need to wait until it's relatively dark. We generally have them in the pool from 4-6pm which means supper isn't until 6:30. By the time we let them play a bit after eating, run both through baths and then do some reading, it's 8pm before we know it!

Enjoy the photos of swim time over the past few days.
 Pee break...
And because her sister did it, she must too...
With an empty bladder, you can jump higher!
Nana reading her Kindle by the pool
The new game: kicking water at Daddy
Daddy makes a great water taxi.
Tomorrow I hope to find out if insurance has taken the hold off my treatment which is set to begin Tuesday evening. Most of my appointments are set for 9am but two of them are in the evening. In addition, I have to meet weekly with the radiation oncologist on Wednesdays for an exam/checkup.

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