Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend #2 Houston

The weekend started out with a notification that Len now has a jury summons back in Chicago as well. Guess we'll be recycling the letter we sent out for me last week!

Friday I went to yoga and then for treatment. Len and Nana took the girls to the Children's Museum since the weather was too chilly for the pool. Kate spent a lot of time stacking things or lining them into rows.
She got to the cars too.
Len has been taking the girls to the playground when they aren't in the pool. They love the big girl swings now.
Kate is napping about every other day now which is H.E.A.V.E.N.  Len snapped a very rare photo of Kate actually asleep during the day in a bed. Is that not the most beautiful sight you've ever seen??
I could look at that picture all day...maybe I'll make it my screensaver! I showed it to Kate and she looked at it wondrously.

Saturday we were invited to Little Euan's 2nd birthday party. The theme was Halloween so the girls were happy to be Minnie Mouse again. I brought over some face paint so we could bedeck Euan...he was Mickey Mouse and Flossie, their dog, was Minnie Mouse as well (which was completely not coordinated beforehand actually).
Paivi had a children's singer for the entertainment which the girls enjoyed.
Papa Euan got into the action as well!
 Paivi and Euan were really jamming out by the end!
When it came time to sing Happy Birthday the girls were first up, ready to sing! We had been practicing beforehand so they were pretty excited about it.
Either that or they figured that being right up there would get you the first slice of cake. My girls are no dummies.
Today we explored a tiny portion of the Houston Galleria. We went for lunch at Rainforest Cafe (yet another place I swore I would never enter...oh how naive I was!). The girls loved the animals moving around with one giant exception: the frog. Kate was fine with him, actually asking to go over after he left our table to see him again.
Lucy wanted nothing to do with him and actually would not eat because she was too busy keeping her eye on his whereabouts. He finally went to another part of the restaurant so Lucy finally dug in to her fish and chips with gusto.

The balloon guy came around to make ladybug bracelets for the girls. I have to say, people with children are just sitting ducks at these places...
We let them run around for a bit since the play area was closed for a private function. A quick trip for frozen yogurt and fruit before hitting the road to drive home.
Papa and Meme sent some stuffed lovies to the girls so they spent a little while demonstrating proper somersault technique to their new friends.
 Nana is getting a lot of time with her two granddaughters! They were very interested in Nana's new computer.
Radiation treatments start again tomorrow and should be at 9:10am from now on. I signed up for another free exercise class through the Integrative Medicine department so I'll do that right after treatment. Len will be here until Thursday but then heads back to Chicago for work until the 19th. I'm already dreading his departure.


Heather H. said...

Hi lisa, Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you!

mommy of 2 said...

Sounds like you have a busy life there in TX! Sorry that your hubs will be going back on the 19th, that does stink. :( Keep strong, sister! And glow on...


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