Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What a scam.

Ok, this post is going to contain A LOT of venting so please adjust your seats accordingly.

I think I mentioned before that we have to RE-adopt Lucy here in the states in order for her to have a US birth certificate (for things like school and a passport) even though she is a US citizen and was the minute we left Chinese airspace. She has a certificate of citizenship that apparently doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot to those who can make money off of the situation.

So, we paid a lawyer a few grand to process the same paperwork that has been processed multiple times in our journey to adopt. And now this: do you remember the fingerprints they said expired every year? Oh wait, they don't actually expire, they just delete them every year to keep their records clean. Well huh...this is the email I got over the weekend from our social worker:

Social worker: I am working on your report for court and I have attached forms that I need you to complete/sign.

1)      Authorization for Background Check-Both you and Len need to complete separate form, sign and date.  Email back to me the completed form.
2)      Fingerprint Reprocess Form-Both you and Len need to complete separate form and fax directly to the number on the form

Me: Please tell me we don't have to be re-fingerprinted?!

Social worker: Yes, but you just have to fill out the form because you have already been printed. They will re-run your prints in the system.

Lisa:  And there is a fee associated with this?

Social worker:  Yes, $66.00 per person.  On the form you need to fill out your credit card information and fax it in.

Are you kidding me with this?

I will be stopping now because I have just spent the last few minutes deleting the string of epithets that spontaneously erupted out of my fingertips.


Heather H. said...

Apparently we are very fortunate to live in Maine!!! All we had to do was a "Recognition of a Foreign Adoption." It cost a couple hundred bucks total and involved filling out one or two simple forms. We then gave them copies of the China adoption certificate, etc. and chose a court date. The worst part was having to wait probably a good hour before it was our turn to be called in with an antsy three year old. (We didn't get around to doing this until last September. Come to think of it, we did not celebrate this year because it was just a formality to me.) OK, the most painful part to me was listening to a judge say he didn't see any reason not to approve it. I sort of wanted to smack him since it was a done deal for a good year and a half at that point.

Tony and Sue said...

Same in Nebraska. Our State Patrol fingerprints have to be "current" and background checks have to be "current" in order to re-finalize. It sucks to say the least. We used a lawyer the first time but are contemplating trying to do it ourselves this time. Still waiting for the background checks to come back, though. I hope we can get it done THIS year! Heavens! We came home in February! Six months was August! The first time, 6 months was October and we finally went to court early December! Like I said, hope we can get it done this year!


Elizabeth said...

Lisa, I hear you my blogging friend. One of my last posts was a rant about the cost of the annual review and what stage two fees cover!!!! My last post was about the useless adoption tax credit here in BC. My local agency, I keep hoping, will send the revised home study that was done at a COST last month to the agency in Toronto, but when they do this, or have let me know they have done this, is anybody's guess. I broke my promise to myself and finally phoned this afternoon but my worker is on holiday until the middle of next week. (Has been away for three weeks.) I tried to contact the director but only got her voice mail. There's a hymn that goes "When God is for you, who can be against?" Well, right now it feels like the whole stinking world is against me, including the big boss himself. I know that isn't true as family and friends (local and bloggin) are supportive. Sorry for leaving such a comment here but I do so as I share and understand your frustration. I hope I don't have to go through your present process in Canada to complete the process.
Best wishes and take care,

Stephanie said...

This makes my blood boil, too! It's like it never ends. And the fingerprint thing is a total joke. So sorry. :(


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