Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another language set set set set setback

It seems in the past 2-3 days that Lucy has now developed a pretty consistent stutter. We noticed that not only has she gotten louder and her language a bit more garbled, but now we have a rather pronounced and persistent stutter.
Stuttering from Lisa on Vimeo.
I don't know if it is related to her ear tubes falling out and thus, her hearing and speech are affected by the muffled sounds she hears or if it's just the stress of this "vacation". The good thing is that she has a hearing test, a trip to the ENT and a follow-up with the speech therapist once we get back. Looks like our December will be just as busy as the past few months. We're going to need a real vacation after this year.

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Heather H. said...

Hi Lisa. Our daughter Ping has gone through many, many periods of disfluency. In our daughter's case, they appear to coincide with a jump in her language. She has so many new words, and she wants to use just the right one, but it's not easy for her to find that perfect word yet. It usually lasts 3-5 weeks, I'd estimate. Her SLP says it is normal, but we also monitor it. She did tell me to be sure to give Ping the time to answer, to only encourage her to take her time, not to put words in her mouth. I have in the past asked Ping if she wants me to help her, and then offered the word or phrase I thought she was looking for. Now I'm not saying this isn't or can't be tied to nerves. I know it can. But it can also be brought on by other causes as well. And then there's the favorite, C: all of the above. :)


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